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'Fϋr Immer'
(Metropolis Records)

jools green

Jools Green

hanzel und gretyl

Everyone's favourite American Industrial Metal "Germanophiles" released their last album a mere twelve months ago but this latest offering is not so much a new album but rather a companion album to 2012s 'Born To Be Heiled'.

The reason I say companion album is because it is still the same tracks, awash with their insane musical concoction, an eclectic blend of Death, Black and Doom Metal with aspects of Classic Rock along with Electronic and Industrial elements, all with their much loved, strongly Germanic leaning.

But the whole album has had a complete remix.

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This version is a solo electronics project for KyzrWolf, (Kaiser Von Loopy) who is singularly behind the remix, to which he has given a fresh, stronger electronics oriented spin and many of the tracks have been considerably lengthened.

The core aspects that make Hanzel und Gretyl's music unique to them are still present, the driving guitars and percussion, to a certain extent, and it still delivers the trademark machine-precise musical blitz and also the initial input from Vas Kallas is still very evident.

hanzel und gretyl

I liked the original, it was grittier with a stronger Metal edge, all delivered with tongue in cheek humour. This version still has the humour but may well have a broader appeal, particularly with the softer edge, with many of the tracks having been considerably lengthened, possibly making them more suitable for nightclubs, certainly for being given the stronger electronics leaning and the excellent 'Unterstutzung 87', 'Der Furor' which brings tears of laughter to my eyes, 'Born To Be Heiled' and 'Hanzel Und Gretyl Fur Immer' are all now double their original length, so I do like this version also.

None of the original's appeal has been lost by the re-mix; that certain heavily imbedded, inherent element that exists in the original also exists in the remix, it's that which goes beyond the humour making it such an enjoyable album, those elements that come from deep within the delightfully twisted minds of the duo, something that therefore cannot, thankfully, be removed and certainly for me, is what gives their music the unique edge, a new album born out of the original.

Remixing seems to be popular of late, at times not always doing justice to the original and often having little or no bearing on the original either and there are certainly more than enough remixes of this duo's work, this version addresses the balance, happily, because 'Fϋr Immer' has been remixed by one of the band members it means that all the important core elements remain.

It's a great companion album and it is also a great stand alone album, as was the original. Our favourite Ironstar Outlaws, are still... Born to be Heiled! ... Fϋr Immer!!

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