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'Carnivorous Urge To Kill'
(Comatose Music)

jools green

Jools Green


Originally released in 2002, 'Carnivorous Urge To Kill', the debut release from Louisiana brutal death Metal outfit Suture has long since been out of print and you would be very fortunate to get hold of a second hand copy, however, due to recent interest in the band and their earlier material it has been re-released.

Rather than press more copies, the original line-up has been re-assembled, the band having been on hiatus since their 2008 release 'Skeletal Vortex', and the whole album re-recorded.

This new recording is nothing short of superb, with two extra tracks, 'Morbid Sculpture' with its hypnotic spiralling riffs and 'Those Without eyes', an excellently constructed track with a sinister tempo drop-away early on and a superb guitar break to the close. Both these tracks featured originally on their 'Deconstructing Anatomy' demo.

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There are also some excellent solos on this new recording from guest guitarists James Murphy (Death, Obituary and Disincarnate), Rick Rozz (Death, Massacre) and Jim Nickles (ex-Malevolent Creation) which really enhance the tracks greatly. The album cover has also been re designed with a much more gore to the imagery, more in keeping with the album title and the band's vision.

Musically it's as brutal as it gets but it also has an amazing dense groove that courses through it, particularly on 'Bonesaw' which also had a good tempo switch midway and this makes for compelling yet surprisingly easy listening. The vocals from Jayson Ramsey are magnificent, a rich deep, throat ripping, growl.

Aside from the added solos the guitar work is chaotically frantic and superb and the merciless, pounding drum work builds on the already created intensity. Some brutal albums focus so intently on the brutal aspect that they are nothing more than just a brutal listening experience but this album goes way beyond that, the careful construction and abundance of stunning, tuneful elements and a maturity to the sound make it such a good listening experience.

There's humour too, with what I found to be a rather amusing execution sound-bite at the beginning of 'Carcinoma Contagion' which also has an appealing off kilter repeat riff that weaves through the track. The final track, 'Systematic Removal Of Vitality' is the double length, at eleven minutes, of the original and I thought there was just an extended outro but at eight minutes the brutality returns for one final assault and in the earlier part of the track, a line in the lyrics about exploding genitals made me smile... a lot!!

If you like bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation or Devourment, this should certainly appeal to you and with this new recording, with it's all round better production and with a much more polished finish than the original, rawer, dirtier version, it demonstrates fully the ability of 'Suture' to compose and play.

'Carnivorous Urge To Kill' is finally presented at its very best and a great addition to anyone's brutal death Metal collection. This is hopefully a fresh, new and promising start for Suture.

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