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'The End of Humanity'
(Dead Beat Media/Slaughterhouse Records)

jools green

Jools Green


'The End of Humanity 'is the second full-length album from The Netherlands' death Metal five piece Warmaster and follow up to their debut album 'First War'.

On noticing that they are tastefully named after the second and somewhat legendary 1991 Bolt Thrower album, something that is guaranteed to grab my attention, you might also expect their sound to be in that same vein and you would be correct on that assumption.

Soundwise it's raw, groovy and mid-paced old school death Metal heavily inspired, but uniquely applied, by the likes of Bolt Thrower and Benediction with a construct that is simple yet effective and riffs that are atmospheric, chugging and catchy completed by great drum work that is on the whole not overpowering but with a generous use of cymbals which crash with reckless abandon at every opportunity and do add an atmospheric excitement to the sound.

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The vocals are good; a rich, strangled, death growl that is interestingly executed.

I enjoyed the use of soundbites on the album; the opener 'Massive Kill Capacity' is one of a funerary march mixed with gunfire and warfare communications, setting the scene perfectly for the in your face, up tempo 'Nuclear Warfare', which tails a way to a doom laden pace as it closes, tracks of this calibre fill you with anticipation for the rest of the album.

The other soundbite 'Ancient Anthem' raised a wry smile with me, although I am not sure if that was the band's intention. It's a mix of war soundbites and a festive style tune, presumably in Dutch which undoubtedly means more if you speak the language, however it did serve as an excellent forerunner to 'Medestrijders Voor Volk En Vaderland' the only non English lyrics on the album and a very powerful and excellent track. Interestingly the vocals are better here than on the other tracks, even stronger and more forcefully delivered.


The racy exciting pace prevails across almost all the whole album and if this isn't enough, 'Death Factory' bursts into an exciting mini guitar break midway. Another excellent, insane guitar break makes an appearance on the slightly slower but crushing paced 'Lies To Deny' towards the finish.

'The Target' has an excellent doom laden, dark start with an extended intro before the prowling and predatory drums bring up the pace to a gallop and ending with a pounding finale.

The final track 'Destroyer Of Worlds' is sinister from the offset and the spoken intro puts shivers up your spine.

The art work is a touch bizarre, a scene of cartoon like carnage and although not the most stunning cover art I have seen it doesn't detract from the musical content and it is somewhat amusing.

If you like warmongering classic death Metal you should find this interesting if not enjoyable; it's well constructed, well performed and highly listenable especially if you crank the volume up high.

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