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'Soul Rot' EP
(Boris Records)

jools green

Jools Green


'Soul Rot' is the debut five track EP from Atlanta's old school death Metal five piece Disfigurement and follows last year's single release 'Abyss Of Hatred'.

It's a superb listen that hammers away with precise, crushing rhythms, plenty of very dynamic solos and powerful lyrics, constructed from classic death Metal elements, executed with first rate musicianship, technically crafted but not widdly, brutal and aggressive yet with an engaging flow to the sound that at times has a very Polish feel to it, giving it even more appeal for me.

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Opening with 'Noxious Sensation', the first thing that hit me was the intense assault from the drum work, closely followed by tight crushing riffs and then the vocal roar, instantly instilling me with an intense excitement. Here and across the whole album you are presented with first rate vocals from Nate Godbee, a deep gargling growl that is a very extensive in range and also lyrically clear and with the first of many great guitar breaks towards the end of the track.

With the EP starting this well I feel confident that I am in for an exciting listen. I am not disappointed either, with the next track 'Solitude' the fast pace continues, with stunning riffs to open; another beautifully intense, tight track, with a haunting technical edged guitar break just after midway and another to the close.

The title track 'Soul Rot' is awash with ominous chugging rhythms, tight spiralling riffs, more great breaks and an absolute killer finale to the track with the pace dropping to a slower, sinister tempo.


On 'Entrance To Emptiness' the superb drum work that opens is encouraged and enhanced by the surging guitar work with a midway drop-away, making space for the now expected and longed for guitar break which here is embellished by Vaedis's drum work, which, although superb across the album, is at its very best on this track, an intense aural assault that leaves your ears begging for more.

Racing to the finish with final track 'Foul Light' with its pounding opener, a fast paced track that rises and falls in hypnotic waves and yet more great breaks from the two lead guitarists Adam Besserer and Richard Olsen, in fact everything you have come to enjoy on the previous tracks is still here making this a highly consistent release end to end.

In a way it's a shame this is just a five track EP, I got to the end wanting more, these are five beautifully crafted and powerful tracks and you will want to give this repeated listens, but it's quality over quantity and I am using the replay button with reckless abandon.

You can buy the download or stream 'Soul Rot' in its entirety at or purchase the CD at

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