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'Aeolist' EP
(self release)

jools green

Jools Green


Norwich based Aeolist are a progressive Metal quintet whose name means "A pompous person, pretending to have inspiration or spiritual insight" but there's nothing fake about these guys. Musically they are the real deal, something that is very apparent at the first listen to their first, self titled, self released EP.

Together for just two years and despite their youth, this release demonstrates a maturity that is as impressive as their musical ability. They present, across this four track EP, a natural and flowing blend of progressive, technical, and jazz Metal with a blues hint here and there.

The tracks, interestingly and mysteriously named 'I', 'II', 'III' and 'IV', very Math Metal, are also awash with crushing riffs and blasts that will take the skin off your face, executed with energy and enthusiasm alongside their obvious technical excellence. To add to my delight, the vocals from Bradley Gallagher are very good too, a brutal edged scream that caps everything off nicely.

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First track, 'I', is a great opener, an intense, gripping track that has you hooked from the start. It mellows midway and the excellent spiralling patterns towards the end had my head spinning with joy.

'II' has a pulsating opener, then a wonderful moment of skilfully discordant insanity with a sexy jazz groove midway which breaks up the brutality nicely.

'III' is an impressive mix of harsher technical grooves and melodic chords ending on a soft calming clean finish which moves seamlessly into the final and longest track and 'IV', at eleven minutes long, really gives them the opportunity to show off their ability to the maximum.


The clean reflective opener takes almost three minutes to build before the vocals surge to the forefront, with the track continuing to build until the midpoint with a dark reflective feel to it. Some well placed, down tuned bass work midway as the track drops away again to a piano segment, preparing for the arrival of a gentle blues solo, before returning for one final brutal push in the closing minute.

There really is such a lot happening in this track and across all the tracks, they aren't afraid to mix it up and push the boundaries.

There is nothing I can find fault with about this release except I wish it was a full length. The twenty nine minute duration is over too soon, but there is always the repeat button.

If you like bands like The Contortionist, Protest The Hero and Between The Buried And Me, then you will certainly find 'Aeolist' of interest.

Listen to the full EP here:

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