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'Unto The Fall' EP
(Inverse Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Melodic Metal quartet Indoctrine, from Seinäjoki, Finland, have only been together for just twelve months but they have a strong vision of what they want to create musically and demonstrate it perfectly with 'Unto The Fall', their follow up to March 2013s demo release.

The EP consists of six tracks and spans twenty five minutes of musical excellence. I was blown away by it from the first listen.

The vocals from Matti Rita-Kasari are superb; a harsh powerful rasp with a good range and variance, all the musicians in the band are very well balanced in ability and talent; they work well together, each bringing something special to this release.

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Beginning with 'Gods Forgotten' a haunting intro that belies the brutal edged mastery to follow, however as it builds in intensity you do get a sense of anticipation for the subsequent tracks which sit so well together whilst maintaining their individuality, taking a different slant on the overall melodic trend by having varied influences from other Metal genres, so don't underestimate this as just another Melodic Metal release.

It's played with great deal of blackened intensity, a good dose of melancholia and rounded off with catchy melodies. Their particular brand of melodic death Metal has strong influences of black Metal, particularly noticeable on 'The Fall', a mix of blackened riffs, tortuous vocals and a track which also boasts a stunning guitar solo as it closes and although I love all the tracks on this EP, this is my favourite, largely due to the haunting, blackened feel to its construct.


'Undying' has a slight Gothenburg feel to the sound and powerful drum work complements the intense riff work before the harsh vocals enter the mix, a perfect balance to the melodic elements. 'Indoctrination' is an intense, pulsating track that is in your face from the offset.

'Synthetic Existence' has catchy riff work and superb drum work that is almost verging on a drum solo from Anssi Kaunismäki and the vocals take on a desperate intense edge. All this adds up to a very dramatic track, a close second favourite with me.

Final track, 'Burning Roots', starts with a slight Gothenburg feel but becomes more and more blackened as it progresses, a superb end the album.

An excellent, strong, first release completed by a sharp, first rate production; I could quite happily listen to more by 'Indoctrine'. I am certainly looking forward to a full length release from them.

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