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'The Last Man On Earth'
(Self release)

jools green

Jools Green

morgue orgy

Melodic death Metal six piece Morgue Orgy hail from Birmingham, the birthplace of UK Metal, and came to my attention with their debut release promo draw for a "Dr Morguey's cadaver impaler" and even though my mind is permanently scarred by this I will say that their first full length, 'The Last Man on Earth', needs no gimmicks as the music speaks for itself.

It follows their debut EP 'The River and I' and follow up EP 'Murders Most Foul' which featured guest vocals from Dave Hunt of Anaal Nathrakh, something that serves as an indicator to the level of excellence you can expect on this release from these fun loving guys.

Musically it is packed with raw energy, exhilarating intensity and aggression, but it goes beyond that with a skilful blend of classically influenced keyboards and manic chunks of Metal from across the genres. The vocals are superb also, an impressively broad range from vitriolic screams all the way down to a deep face melting growl, yet still maintaining a high degree of clarity with the lyrics.

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The lyrical inspiration for the album is drawn from a broad range of subjects; the myths and legends surrounding witchcraft, child disappearances, sea creatures, zombies, marijuana and most intriguingly, the long running British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine; a very broad spectrum.

The excitement begins with 'They Came From Outer Space'. The intro has a 60s sci-fi feel and is a great builder of a track taking on a very sinister edge as it progresses with gargling vocals and dark dense riffs. When an album opens like this you can't help feel excited about what will follow.

morgue orgy

'4 Days' has chunky, technically influenced riffs and eerie keyboards along with plenty of variety and intensity to its construction and a bit of a solo towards the close. 'Phantasms Of March', has a blend of haunting keyboards and chugging riffs that punctuate the track well.

'The Last Of The Summer's Wine' has punchy riffs woven with melodic elements and a midway solo before a dropaway that's punctuated with brutal vocals. Makes me almost want to watch the re-runs of the sitcom.

morgue orgy

On 'Barnum & 399' there is an almost a blackened quality to this compact and intense chunk of a track while '70 Dead pt 2: The Scarecrow Of Medan' is an excellent track, scary keyboards blended with manic riffs and such broad ranging vocals making this an exciting listen.

I love the haunting opener on 'Castle Freak' (which boasts the addition of Drunk from Fukpig as a co-writer of the lyrics). The track has an epic feel from the layering of keyboards, intense and dramatic guitar work and superb vocal range employed within the track.

morgue orgy

'Waiting For The End', a simple yet effective spooky keyboard, palate cleanser, mini track, if you are going to catch your breath from all the excitement here is the place to do it. 'The Last Man On Earth (Diary Of George)' has insane saxophone segments which add a nice twist along with a thrashy feel in places.

The pace and tone of, 'IT LURKS BENEATH!!!' gives that feel of being pursued; very sinister and atmospheric, particularly when it drops away after the first couple of minutes. The intensity and excitement continues with 'Paradise' and the final track 'In the Smoke of the Green Ghost' with its ghostly opening vocals and a melodic ender brings the album to an exciting, terror filled finale.

I love this album; it has a unique, experimental sound that is well produced. It is fifty five minutes of unrelentingly intense, extreme excellence and atmospheric excitement.

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