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'Revered By No One – Feared By All' EP
(Siege Of Amida Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Since forming in 2006 brutal slam death Metal five piece Ingested, from Manchester, have developed a reputation as one of the more savage death Metal acts to come out of the UK in recent times and listening to this intense and compact EP you can understand just why.

It's a concentrated conglomeration of punishing beat downs, epic riffs and guttural vocals, delivered at blistering speed.

I am not always in the mood for something quite this brutal but when I am this really hits the spot, their approach to brutal slam death is considerably more sophisticated than some of their peers, there something highly compelling about their face ripping blend of death Metal blast beats and hardcore breakdowns.

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The four track EP 'Revered By No One – Feared By All' follows two previous full length releases, 2009s 'Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering' and the heavier and darker 'The Surreption' in 2011, and soundwise offers a more mature and darkly brutal listen.

I love vocal balance between the brutal, indecipherable gutturals mixed with some higher decipherable screams. It gives the feel of an ongoing dialogue and having three people covering the various elements of the vocals does add a depth to the vocal part of the track also, particularly on the opening track 'Titanomachy'.


Across the album the drum work is good, precise and well thought out and the double bass and blast beats are used with discretion to enhance rather than overpower the tracks, although there is a generous usage on 'Regicide', not that I am complaining in the slightest.

'Uncrowned' is probably my favourite of the four tracks, it's crushing, varied, the vocals are gut wrenching and it has some killer bass work. This EP is unrelenting to the final track, 'Endgame', a chunk of spiralling, savage mayhem until the soundbite kicks in at the three minute mark and finally fading out kicking and screaming to the end.

There is a lot packed into these four compositions making them an intense and invigorating listen. If you are a fan of Kraanium or Aborted you should find this interesting.

Listen to the whole EP here:

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