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'Liar In Wait'
(FDA Rekotz)

jools green

Jools Green


Floridian death Metal quartet Amon formed in 1987 and originally put out two demos; 'Feasting The Beast' in 1987 and 'Sacrificial' in 1989 before changing their name to Deicide.

Following their split from Deicide in 2007, the Hoffman brothers resurrected Amon. Their first full length, 'Liar In Wait', was self released last May in CD format and is now available as a vinyl release through FDA Rekotz.

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'Liar In Wait' does contain nine absolutely bone-crushing songs, and there are a lot of things that I like about the album, great vocals, in the form of a deep, harsh growl from bass player Jechael as well as some tasty riffs and solos from the Hoffman brothers, in fact pretty much every track has at least one blistering solo, executed to complete perfection and on top of this, the drum work from Mike Petrak is intense, powerful and packed with blasts.

But despite all that, it doesn't quite sit right with me as a whole package. I can't decide quite what it is, but I can't help feel they think they have something to prove or a point to make or are just trying too hard to be fast, intense and extreme at the cost of a well constructed track.

At times it is over manic and chaotic and in the next instant completely brilliant.


I have no strong favourite but the first couple of tracks, namely the album opener 'Among Us' and second track 'Eye Of The Infinite' really impacted on me for their solos, which are the best aspect of the whole album. However, the closer I got towards the end of the album the more my interest was lost, to a certain extent.

The album was recorded at Red Room Recorders with Mark Prator and will be released in Europe with and new and exclusive artwork created by Misanthropic Artwork, with the layout done by ArtWars Mediadesign.

The European edition is limited to 200 gold/black marbled copies and 400 Satanic black copies. Package deals that include the new Amon t-shirt are being offered as well.

If you are a big Deicide fan, especially their early work, 'Liar In Wait' may well appeal to you, particularly in this collectable format.

I think it is OK but I am hoping that this first full length release is a somewhat experimental offering and that subsequent releases will gel into a more cohesive style. There is certainly the potential there.

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