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'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours'
(Old Temple)
Release Date: 30th March 2012

Jools Green

jools green


I was absolutely blown away when I heard this album. It took me by surprise in so many ways. Embrional were really not at all as I expected. They have a refreshing, unique Death Metal sound and style all of their own.

If I was forced to make a comparison I would say vaguely reminiscent of early Morbid Angel and also a hint of Lost Soul and that's just to give you some idea of what they are like, but it really doesn't do them justice.

Active since 2003, 'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours' is the second full-length from Poland's Embrional and the follow-up to 2008s 'Cusp Of Evil'.

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I was immediately enamoured by the very deep, yet clear, guttural vocals. I was also impressed and surprised by the guitars - very short riffs, with a slightly technical Death feel to the style.

The quartet consists of; Marcin on guitars/vocals, Rychu on guitars, Armagog on bass, vocals and Camillvs on drums. The band describes this album as 'Death Metal annihilation and mental insanity'. I don't think I could put it better myself.

The album opens with 'Possessed By Evil', straight into brutality but thirty seconds later drops into a brief, curiously atmospheric interlude before resuming the onslaught again.

The third and title track, 'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors', is a noteworthy track for its interest holding tempo changes and defiant, sinister lyrics. In fact the whole album is awash with delightfully death laden, blasphemous and hate filled lyrics of particularly high standard. Perfect!

The album also contains two instrumental tracks, the sinister 'Necropolis' which features excellent lead guitar work and 'Beyond The Abyss', a slower, beautiful interlude of a track with subtle, haunting guitars. Both tracks are absolutely stunning and demonstrate the extent of the capabilities of the guitarists.

'Bestial Torture' is another track that stands out for me, opening with a slow 'diabolical' intro before breaking into the short, tech like riffs that permeate the whole album.

The final track, 'Vermin Of The Earth', fast, catchy with an almost hypnotic riff running throughout, will guarantee you will be re-visiting this album very soon, if not immediately.

No favorite track as I loved the whole of this album. Curious about the band, I did seek out their previous full length 'Cusp Of Evil' which was also very good but the band has really developed in the area of vocals and guitars since that album. They have also honed and perfected their sound andthe production is crisper this time, all positive moves in the right direction.

Mixing and mastering on 'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors' was done by Arkadiusz 'Malta' Malczewski, (Behemoth, Lost Soul, Vesania, Decapitated). Lyrics for the album were written by Arkadiusz Jendzicki. Cover artwork by Mariusz Krajewski. Released by Old Temple on March 30th.



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