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'Nightmare Vortex' (FDA Rekotz)

jools green

Jools Green


'Nightmare Vortex' is the full-length successor to the limited cassette demo, 'Cosmic Horror', from the German duo Slaughterday, who have sought lyrical inspiration from subjects such as horror and The Ancient Ones.

They have an insane yet classic Death Metal sound that sits somewhere between Autopsy's Mental Funeral and Hypocrisy's Penetralia.

The album keeps your attention from one end to the other; it sounds gritty and dirty and is awash with stunning guitar melodies, fat bass lines, hellish vocals in the form of a wonderfully brutal, harsh growl but with lyrics that are comprehensible and drums that annihilate when necessary without being excessive. The overall sound is so intense it's hard to believe there are only two of them, with Jens Finger handling guitars and bass duties and Bernd Reiners on drums and vocals.

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Your attention is captivated across all eight tracks, nine if you buy the vinyl, because the tempo varies across each one, ranging from speeding ferocity to a crawling crush.

I love the whole album, all the tracks re so well constructed but the first two tracks are the standout tracks for me, the intense 'Unearthly Evocation', the first track to demonstrate that skilfully placed tempo switching, an aspect which makes all of the tracks so interesting, along with the sheer catchiness of the riffs giving them the ability to stick in your mind. The other favourite is 'Nightmare Vortex' which has a stunningly good repeat riff before it's decent into dark doom laden oblivion.

Included on the album are the best two of the four tracks from the demo, released in March 2013, title track, 'Cosmic Horror', when a track opens with a shred and a roar, you just know it's going to be good and there's also a solo midway. The other is the slow and doom laden to open, 'Cult Of The Dreaming Dead' that builds in speed and intensity with an exotic repeat riff that emerges as the track progresses.

The album is out in CD, LP, and digital formats but if you buy the vinyl version you also get 'The Ghoul' (Pentagram Cover) as a bonus track and the cover artwork is by Mark Cooper.

  Nightmare Vortex' is strongly influenced by 80's and 90's Death Metal and although it may not be anything new it still remains an exciting listen and a well executed album that also serves as a homage to classic Death Metal, as far as first releases go, it's damn good and I love it!

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