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Live At The White Rabbit, Plymouth
Saturday 1st March 2014

jools green

Jools Green

svart crown
Svart Crown

Opening bands have in many ways the hardest job, putting every last ounce of effort into their performance for an often sparse and sometimes unresponsive crowd. Plymouth based five piece death Metal outfit The Florentine Camerata had that unenviable role on this occasion.

I am glad that I was one of the dozen or so people who made the effort to catch their set of technical edged "Pounding Death Metal" including tracks from their superb EP 'Encryption - Paralysis' because it was an excellent performance. I look forward to the release of their debut full length soon.

Thankfully by the time the next band, Hampshire based progressive death Metal quartet Ageless Oblivion hit the stage the crowd had doubled and crawled out of the shadows around the edges of the venue or were possibly blown out, as their set opened up like an absolute storm. They continued to impress with their set, a mix of tracks from their 2010 album 'Temples Of Transcendent Evolution' and their upcoming new full length 'Penthos'.

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When Gloucester's blackened death Metal trio Ascaris hit the stage I was quite take aback by their "elegant aesthetic" of black shirts, ties and waistcoats and was even more impressed by the drummer Chris Barton's highly animated, fast, powerful drum work which included some mesmerising patterns that were seriously impressive.

Songs included in their set were 'Crimson’ and 'Sins Of The First' from their upcoming debut EP 'The Initiation'.

svart crown
The Florentine Camerata

Stockholm's death Metal five piece Diabolical were an imposing sight as they hit the stage. Their material for the evening was selected from across their four studio albums, including their most recent release, 2013s 'Neogenesis'.

They gave a superb performance that managed to liven up the crowd considerably.

svart crown

Headliners Svart Crown from Nice in France gave a stunning performance that was brimming with manic energy and aggression and it was an impressive sight to behold.

Their set included tracks from 2008s 'Ages Of Decay' and their latest release, the superb 'Profane'. The final part of the set was played with sinister dark blue lighting which obscured much of the stage adding a dark imposing atmosphere to the end of their set.

svart crown

I was disappointed to see how few people bothered to turn up for this evening of excellent music, the cider was cold, the sound was perfect, all the bands were superb and the only fault was a lack of attendance.

Finally for anyone who is reading this who didn't show up for whatever reason: "Where were you? You missed an excellent gig!"

svart crown
Ageless Oblivion

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