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'The Murderous Inception'
(Lacerated Enemy Records)

jools green

Jools Green


'The Murderous Inception' EP by Australian death Metal band Gaped is brutally superb, encompassing classic Metal elements that strongly lean towards Swedish death Metal in its style.

For me, it totally encapsulates everything that I love about the genre but what blows me away is the fact that Gaped is just one guy, Ryan Huthnance (Indisperse, live guitars for The Amenta) who covers vocals and plays all the instruments with Shane Watts (drummer from Nekrology, Osmium Grid) penning the lyrics.

The EP is six tracks spanning twenty three minutes that you will have to play at least twice as you won't be able to believe just how good it is and will feel compelled to check you were right.

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It's a catchy and intense listen with sick riffs and even sicker lyrics, that churn your stomach but at the same time raise a massive smile as they entertain your warped mind, completed with deep, guttural, stomach wrenching vocals that are powerful and you can also understand what is being sung, which is even better, the combination of which makes it musically faultless.

If I have to be really critical my only tiny issue is the sound-bite intro, it's a bit silly, but I think that is the point somehow and in no way detracts from the sheer brilliance of the music.

Opening with 'Let The Cutting Begin' and after ignoring the intro it soon opens out to become an intense, chugging and interesting track with multiple tempo and direction changes and a mini solo, the first of many to come.

Although all the tracks are superb, 'Succumb' is my favourite. I love the dirty dark groove and the spiralling repeat riff patterns; it has a dark hypnotic and haunting quality with great bass lines in the second half followed by a great solo.


'Skin Suit' opens on a faster tempo with an intense barrage of drums. The drum work across the album is first rate; Ryan is a natural, highly talented, all-round musician. This track also has great punchy riffs interspersed with a couple of rather good, intense guitar solos.

On 'Whites Of Your Eyes' the opening repeat is so wonderfully ominous, the tempo ramps up and the terror begins. I love the chorus as it's so full of sinister obsession: "I will hold you so very close to me, I want to see the whites of your eyes, I want to watch them flicker as the lights go out, there will be no time for any goodbyes", completed again with more great solos.

'Realm Of Impurity' is another hauntingly ominous opener that builds such a massive amount atmosphere before the intense barrage of the main body of the track begins, another superbly dense sounding track beautifully garnished with a great solo in the latter part.

Ending on 'Stripped Raped And Strangled' which is an impressive interpretation of this classic Cannibal Corpse track from their 1994 release 'The Bleeding'.

The more I play 'The Murderous Inception' the better it sounds. I just can't stop listening, it is that good.

This superb release is the first of several planned, studio only releases from Ryan; I look forward to the rest with eager anticipation.

This release is recommended for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Aeon, Paganizer, Ribspreader and Bloodbath or anyone who enjoys really good death Metal.

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