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'Victim Of Yourself'
(Napalm Records)

jools green

Jools Green


As a female Metalhead the mention of all female Metal bands usually makes me nervous.

Thoughts of 'looks' being flaunted in lieu of talent flash through my mind but all that is cast aside when it comes to Nervosa because they have serious talent by the bucket load and the fact that they are also attractive is a bonus for all you men.

The debut release, 'Victim Of Yourself', from this all female thrash Metal trio from Brazil is a non-stop thrash Metal assault that is intense, aggressive and exciting end to end, awash with high speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads. Extra depth to the overall sound comes from a subtle death Metal influence which adds such a fresh intensity to the sound.

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The musicianship is highly competent on all aspects, particularly the harsh snarling vocals from Fernanda Lira, powerful and wide ranging, the drum work from new drummer, Pitchu Ferrazis is brutally brilliant also, with some good patterns popping up here and there, executed with a confident ferocity and guitarist Prika Amaral can rip out a mean solo or two.

All twelve songs have such a contagious mix of raw, aggressive, energy filled, death laced and highly original thrash that I am having a hard time pinpointing a favourite. The album opens with 'Intro' and following the opening sound- scape there is a magnificently ominous build that has your hair standing on end. This track is understated by its name; it really deserves a better title.

Next up is 'Twisted Values' and from this point in, the album is a full-on brutal assault of your senses, a galloping paced track with well placed poignant pauses that say as much as the music, the pace picks up even more before closing on a solo.


'Justice Be Done' is predominantly fast, with good tempo variance. 'Wake Up And Fight' is punchy (excuse the pun), racy, with a bit of a groove in places and completed with a nice solo that has an off kilter edge to it while 'Nasty Injury' has great riffs and is a highly infectious listen that will stick in your mind.

The slow ominous build as 'Envious' opens belies the heavy onslaught that follows, embellished by great bass lines. 'Morbid Courage' is a real head nodding track, with lovely direction change that just sweeps you up in its wake.

'Death' takes you by surprise, literally, one minute pounding along and then suddenly, it switches briefly to a lovely melodic break.

'Into Mosh Pit' has more superb bass work and the track is completed with a great solo. 'Deep Misery' has a great chugging rhythm with a catchy chorus and title track 'Victim Of Yourself' opens on a solo followed by blood curdling scream.

'Urânio em Nós' is aptly named, it roughly translates as "We Uranium", as this track is heavy as hell! A siren opener followed by battery of drums and guitars riffs, becoming densely intense to the close.

If you enjoy a good thrash Metal album look no further. 'Victim Of Yourself' is a superb debut release and Nervosa will give the male dominated power trios a good run for their money.

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