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jools green

Jools Green

sordid flesh

Sordid Flesh, the Swedish five piece from Sandvicken, formed in 2011 and released their self titled demo in 2012.

Their debut album 'Torturer' is fundamentally an evil, gritty old-school death Metal album with an unmistakably Swedish feel and an old school slant to the sound but with their personal approach to the genre, incorporating elements of thrash, heavy and black Metal.

I like the dark, tongue in cheek humour to the lyrics which balances well against the musical elements, which have a more serious edge and are all well executed. The vocals are good, guttural but not overly broad ranging, nevertheless they do the job which is the important factor and they do have a certain dramatic appeal as well as being very audible, a good thing, as these darkly humorous lyrics are not to be missed.

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After a brief, haunting opener the pace quickly picks up on opening track, 'The Thelema Way', and the haunting reflective element returns as a precursor to an insane closing solo. You can look forward to another insane solo towards the latter part of 'Mark Of The Fallen'. After another haunting opener and build, the drum work blasts through in swathes on the frantically up tempo 'Rites At The Cemetery'.

'Gravebitch' has a heavy, pounding and ballsy sound that is crushing yet with a sleazy groove, but as the sound pummels you to a pulp the darkly humorous lyrics raise a smile, and the vocals are dramatically drawn out for added effect, an excellent track and my favourite of the album.

'Through Vile Infanticides' is fast paced with a catchy repeat riff. On the title track, 'Torturer', the plodding pace has a "heart beating out of your chest with fear" atmosphere to it while 'Where Art Thou God?' is an effective mix of pounding drum beats and dirty riffs and the now requisite, insane solo to close.

sordid flesh

The final two tracks, 'Until You Are Dead' and 'Rise From The Abyss' featured on the self titled demo and have a rawer sound than the predecessors but still great tracks in their own right and worth the inclusion.

Torturer was produced by Ola Steingrim Ersfjord (Dread Sovereign, Vomitor and Morbus Cron). Cover artwork is by Swedish artist Mikael Carlsson.

This a good first release, high energy and a fun listen that keeps your attention and the more you listen to this album the more you want to listen further, it really grows on you and it was difficult choosing a favourite track because I like the whole album so much.

I also like the production and how the raw edge to the sound hasn't been messed around with because some things just don't need tidying up.

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