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'Reflections Of A Dying World'
(self released)

jools green

Jools Green

an act of treachery

'Reflections Of A Dying World', the debut full length from Austrian melodic death thrash five piece An Act Of Treachery, follows their 2011 EP 'Wasted Life'.

Their sound is a complex mix of modern thrash and melodic death metal with a lot of groove, the combination of which makes for an easy listen that although not a face ripper is still heavy enough to keep my ears happy.

The musicianship from this quintet is good throughout, with hard growling vocals which are also clearly defined, allowing you to appreciate the lyrical content without the aid of the lyric sheet. There are strong bass lines across the whole of the release that add a lot of guts and depth to the sound, great drums that hold a prominent presence without being overpowering or blasting through but with some really good patterns in the mix, and completed with good guitar work, producing riffs that are catchy and at times heavy.

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There really is a great deal to like about this release. Every track is good and has a noteworthy element in its own right.

Opening track, 'In Chains', is catchy and memorable, encouraging you to want to listen to the rest of the album. 'Reign Of Torment' has a very appealing, laidback, thrash-rich groove.

On 'Let Them Burn' you get deeper vocals on the chorus. I was pleased to hear the vocal range being stretched at this point; deeper vocals also feature on 'Asylum' which is a great track just for the dark, death-heavy opener which greets you just before the tempo ramps up a few gears.

act of treachery

'Our Own Fault' has a great, bass-heavy groove and 'Drowning' has heavy pounding riffs, whilst there is a superbly crushing finale to 'Beginning Of An End'. The album closes on 'Worlds Fall Apart', an intense final track garnished with a battery of drum work and punchy riffs.

Two of the tracks, the catchy and memorable 'Wasted Life' and the slower paced with an intense groove, 'God Of War', also featured on the 2011 EP 'Wasted Life' and both are tracks that are worthy of a second airing.

I think 'Reflections Of A Dying World' is a great release; it has a very clean production, which suits the material and is an easy, interesting and enjoyable listen and worthy of a great many spins.

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