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'Tesis' EP
(3rd Track Productions)

jools green

Jools Green


After two full length releases, 2009s 'The Purpose Of Existence' and 2011s 'A Force To Recognise', Mesetiah, the brutal death Metal quartet from Kokkola, Finland, are back to appease their fans hunger with their latest EP, 'Tesis'.

They take some influence from the Florida death metal scene, but there is also a strong Scandinavian feel to their particular blend of brutality. They also find lyrical inspiration from subjects such as human weakness and violence and yet there is a highly catchy and listenable quality to their sound.

The first thing that struck me was that they have kept it simple and not tried to be over complex, focusing on keeping a strong yet brutal groove and maintaining interest with the use of great riffs, well applied drum patterns and strong bass lines. This is nicely finished with a clearly definable, deep, rich and brutal vocal growl from vocalist Marko Rintala, which is nothing short of superb.

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They have also tightened up the line-up, reducing from a five piece to a four piece since their 2011 release and the fact that the remaining members Toni Olkkola, guitars, Matti Olkkola, bass and Juha Olkkola, drums, are brothers helps maintain a tightness to their sound that seems almost instinctive.

The EP is just twenty minutes and six tracks, but it certainly grows on you very quickly with repeat listens. I don't have any particular favourite track; all are equally good and equally listenable.

On the opening track, 'The Abnomation', I loved the strong bass emphasis and riff chunks and even though the track is under three minutes long a midway direction change and ramping up of the tempo adds a lot to the overall feel of the track making it a strong opener. 'Legacy Of The Damned' has a catchy chugging groove and a small solo in the latter part of the track.


On 'Into The Abyss' I particularly liked the opening drum work and this element returns during the choruses, there is also at times a lovely gritty aspect to the guitar sound. 'Contagious' has a faster, racy tempo, great riff patterns and I love the blasts from the drums that pops up on the choruses.

'Cause Of Anger' has an intense quality and great bass lines. Final track 'Mother Of All Executions' is another intense pounder of a track with great riffs, a good ender that encourages you to give the EP another listen.

OK, so it may mot not cover any new ground musically but 'Tesis' is a well executed album born out of a formula that is tried, tested and loved by many, including myself. Anyone who loves straightforward death metal with a brutal edge is going to love this release, it's a great listen.

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