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'Murder Motel'
(Independent Release)

jools green

Jools Green

dark century

After their lyrically aggressive debut, 'Days Of The Mosh' in 2009, Montreal's death Metal five-piece Dark Century return with a new line up and their latest chunk of carnage, 'Murder Motel'.

The band continues to find lyrical inspiration from pork products, murder and mosh pits with the lyrics written partly in French, their native tongue, as well as some in English.

Their sound is an intense blend of death, thrash, grind and hardcore, giving the listener an onslaught of fast heavy guitars, pummelling drums, pounding bass all generously garnished with vocals that are broad ranging, varying from deep gutturals to face searing screams and that are reasonably decipherable across the tracks.

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The album consists of eleven fierce tracks spanning thirty-four minutes, all of which are "mosh pit anthems" with a brutal groove and most are very up tempo, dense walls of sound, all of this together making the album a good listen.

Don't expect any deep commentary or complex debate in the lyrical content, but what you can expect however, are lyrics that are brutally hilarious, which is the bands aim, particularly the self explanatory title track,' Murder Motel' and 'Torticolis', a brutal yet hilarious warning about the risks of the mosh pit.

Also 'Chloroforme', a warning to Vegans. Here Dark Century declare the law of bacon! This is a band who are serious about their music but also don't take themselves too seriously; it's all about fun.

dark century

'Trio du Bûcheron' could be the shortest track ever at just four seconds long but it speaks volumes... about pig meat. And their love of bacon knows no bounds as 'Cholestérol 'is another ode to the humble pig. The death and carnage continues with 'Mosh Test Dummies', and the sickeningly hilarious splatter-fest, 'Gore On My Snare'.

Album single 'Kill The Crowd' is both a catchy and well constructed track, possibly the best of the album just for the impressively long 'thrashtastic' solo in the latter part of the track and another standout track for me is 'Dead Birds' which has a slightly slower pace but I like the dense mix of drum and guitar work on this track.

All the songs are written by guitarist Martin Gendreau. 'Murder Motel' was produced by Martin Gendreau and Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mythosis, Erimha, The Agonist, Derelict, Neuraxis) and the mixing and mastering was also by Christian Donaldson.

'Murder Motel' is available from IF Merch:

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