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'Split Second Extinction'
(Goatprayer Records)

Jools Green

jools green

human cull split second extinction

'Split Second Extinction' is the first full length by south west of England grindcore trio Human Cull. The band, consisting of Edd on vocals/guitars, Sam on drums/vocals, Morris on bass, have previously released an EP in 2011.

It's extreme, a short sharp shock, but I love it. The shortest track, 'Landfill Messiah' is seventeen seconds and the longest, 'Resentment', clocks in at just over the two minute mark. In classic grindcore style the whole album is just eight minutes in total, so set the CD player on repeat and enjoy the ride.

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In all seriousness, this album requires several repeat listens and at this length you can do that easily without becoming tired of it. In fact it's a necessity so that you can really appreciate the album. This is such an intense eight minutes you can't possibly take it all in just listening to it once. The band have compacted more into this than many bands will in something four times as long.

There is no denying the talent of these guys. This could, if done badly, have been just a horrible noise, but it is not, it's sharp and precise and in some respects reminds me a little of early Napalm Death. They get in, get the job done and get out again, no messing.

Opening with 'The Mechanics Of Genocide' then swiftly into 'Death Rituals' without giving you a chance to catch a breath, amidst a sea of dirty, high speed riffs, pummelling drums and rasping vocals. 'Oblivion Sleepwalkers' is longer, slower, by grind standards and with an underlying groove.

I liked '30 Days Of Ketamine'. At the one minute mark, it was long enough for me to really get into that feeling of desperation and I loved how it slowed and tailed off towards the end.

'Landfill Messiah' is the shortest track and seventeen seconds of Doom Grind, I never knew it was possible.

'Misinformed' is catchy as, at forty five seconds and the final track, 'Resentment', is two minutes of doomy, sludgy chunks of sound, alternating with a dirty repeat riff and brings this eight minute aural assault to a close.

The album artwork is like an explosion in an Escher painting which is pretty fitting as some kind of insane explosion is the listening experience you will get from this album.

Not everyone will like such a compact intensity of sound but if you like your music extreme and you love old school grind but with a modern twist, you will love it.

'Split Second Extinction' is available now from GoatprayerRecords at



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