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'The Voice Of Human Perversity'
(Rebirth the Metal Productions/Grindhead Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Bulgarian death Metal veterans Enthrallment have been around since 1999. They formed in times of political and social turbulence and this is heavily expressed within the feel of their music.

They didn't tour outside of their native Bulgaria prior to 2004 so if you haven't come across them you can be forgiven.

'The Voice Of Human Perversity' is their fourth full length release, an absolute face ripper that has a lot to live up to as follow-up to 2012s 'People From The Lands Of Vit'. I found that the more I listened the more it grew on me; it's intense with a delightfully down tuned feel and a subtle groove that cruises beneath the surface while the brutal riffs pummel your senses to a pulp.

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There is an interesting blend of US death Metal, noticeable in the screaming guitar breaks and European death Metal styles with regard to the style of riff implemented in their sound.

I love the vocals, about as deep and guttural as it gets and yet remaining clearly definable lyrically. I love the drum work also, the tuning, the patterns and the brutal intensity and it still manages to complement rather than over power which is great.

No one track stood out as a favourite, each track having its own merits. 'Screams Etched Within The Crags' opens at breakneck speed and is predominantly up tempo with a midpoint drop-away that serves as forerunner to a high speed solo towards the latter part of the track and right from the start Enthrallment have your attention.

'Rats Before The Worms' has stunning guitar work to open then a direction shift into the brutal, a track that keeps your interest with another direction change to the latter part before the arrival of the squealing solo.


With lyrics that made me smile, 'Mummified Ante Mortem' also has a beautifully drum rich opener and the drums continue to maintain a higher profile across the length of this intense and hypnotic track. I love the phrasing on 'Rove In Hell'; it's in your face and punchy, completed with manic solo in the second half.

'Stench Of Burnt Down Sanctuary' is a dark track with an off kilter solo midway. Slower and even darker to open 'Madness Coloured In Light' has beautifully phrased, punchy guitars and great drum work, the tempo building rapidly after the first minute.

There's an interestingly strange opener and an even more interesting unusual orchestrated close on 'Tones Of Gladness', not what you would necessarily expect from death Metal while 'Tool Of Suicide' is slower and dark with a very crisp opener, the rise and fall across this track creating a dramatic effect, although I did think the guitar work midway is somewhat mental and almost conflicting, but aside from this bizarre anomaly, a powerful track.

'The Voice Of Human Perversity' was produced by James Murphy in Safehouse Productions (FL). It isn't a clever or flashy album, it's just good, honest death Metal brutality that is catchy and compelling, well constructed and well executed.

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