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jools green

Jools Green


It's only a short release at just six tracks and twenty-eight minutes but less is definitely more where Thyruz are concerned, regarding this, their third full length release and the fact that their former label Twilight went bankrupt hasn't phased the band in the slightest. This is quite clear from the quality of this self financed, independently released, third full length album.

'Svik' follows the 2010 release 'Diesblot' from the Norwegian black Metal quintet and it is nothing short of excellent. Sound wise it is dark, sinister, hypnotic, and intense as well as being full of drama epitomising everything I would expect from a black Metal album from a band born out of the SWOBM era.

The production is quite clean but not so much so that it affects the atmosphere, just enough to make it a high quality product because atmosphere is something that this release has by the bucket load.

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The musicianship is equally superb across the board, with intense riffling and well phrased vocals, a dramatic deathly gurgle, and when I hear an album this good it reminds me just how good Norwegian black Metal is. I love that some of the lyrics are in Norwegian also, lending an even darker air of mystery to those tracks.

Opener 'Prodita' may only be the intro but it sets the scene for the subsequent five tracks perfectly and everything about the first actual track 'Dødsriket' is darkly dramatic, from the pace, which has powerful pounding riffs, to the vitriolic vocals, a stunningly good track.

'The Final Holocaust' is a much more intense offering without being overpowering because of the good use of tempo and direction change.

On 'All Flesh' there is switching between a blackened melody and intense elements which kept my interest, the vocals are superbly broad ranging and dramatic particularly against the midpoint drop-away including venom filled, spoken segment.

Longest track at seven minutes long, 'Svik' is a slow dramatic builder with the pace remaining much slower and darker than previous tracks and the brilliantly broad ranging vocals continue, from gurgles to screams from vocalist Hedin Varf.

Final track 'Darkness Illuminates All' is another chunky and intense track with very dramatically phrased riffs, the brutal drum work and the vocals continuing to be superb to the end.

'Svik' an excellent release from underground black Metal veterans Thyruz and is everything I want in a black Metal album.

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