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'Death Metal Holocaust'
(Carnal Records)

jools green

Jools Green


It has been a long journey to get to this point, the release of their debut full length 'Death Metal Holocaust' for Swedish black/death Metal band Omnizide, originally forming in 1995 briefly as Belzen before splitting, with Mikael Nox joining Craft and Anders AE forming Avesky.

Re-forming and re-naming as Omnizide around 2010, 'Death Metal Holocaust' is their follow up to 2011s debut two track single 'Pleasure From Death'.

The earlier split could well be one of the most fortuitous decisions that Nox and AE could have made as I doubt that eighteen years ago they would have achieved the balance heard here, between retro, d-beat laced, death Metal and blisteringly evil, black Metal, mostly achieved through the harsh Scandinavian style black Metal vocals from Nox, which I like immensely. All the tracks are primal and raw, yet catchy, thanks to some well thought out compositions from AE who is responsible for all writing duties.

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The album consists of ten tracks that are not overly complex or fussy, just dark, merciless and filthily aggressive, ranging from some with a deathly fast tempo; such as 'Monolith', 'Dead Planet', 'Damnatio Ad Bestias', which has a pounding ominous opener, 'Rotting Flesh Parade' and 'Nuclear Strike' to 'The Eternally Damned' and 'Crystals Of Death' that are doom laden and diabolical.

Choosing a favourite track is difficult but 'No Remorse' did catch my attention slightly more with its tempo drop-away midway yet maintaining a high level of intensity before then taking a very sinister turn as it concludes; a superb track.


It was definitely a good choice recruiting 'Faustus' drummer Gaddur for the album as he is an absolute beast behind the drum kit and adds a huge amount to the overall sound. Also across all the tracks Nox demonstrates a pretty good range of vocal capabilities including some powerfully drawn out vocalisations.

The album also contains, as bonus tracks, the gore rich, and considerably more blackened 'Pleasure From Death 'and 'Desecration Art' as bonus tracks from the previously mentioned2011 EP 'Pleasure From Death'. Both are dirtier and a touch more intense than the other tracks; two superb offerings that make great album closers as well as demonstrating the progression of sound with the recruitment of Jesper as an additional guitarist for the other, newer tracks.

Keeping it in the family even further, so to speak, 'Death Metal Holocaust' was mastered by Joakim from 'Craft'. As an album that has been a long time in coming to fruition, 'Death Metal Holocaust' is undeniably a great listen.

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