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'Define Redemption'
(Bakerteam Records)

jools green

Jools Green

reality grey

After a long gap since the release of their EP 'Day Zero' in 2008, Italian melodic metal outfit Reality Grey have returned with their second full length, follow up to 2006s debut album 'Darkest Days Are Yet To Come', entitled 'Define Redemption'.

A collection of nine new songs that the band hope will redefine their sound, although I am not entirely sure this has quite been the case, as after a six year hiatus there hasn't been much change in their overall sound.

'Define Redemption' is fast and at times brutal, maybe more so than their previous work, particularly from a melodic Metal perspective as clean vocals are conspicuous by their absence until the last track, not that I mind that, not being too much of a fan of cleans. The vocals are okay but nothing special, they do have an angry edge which I like but are a little too indecipherable and also a bit too much screaming and not enough roaring for my tastes.

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Where the melodic aspect does come into play is in the catchy melodies, of which there are an abundance, and this is by far the best aspect of the album as these are very well executed, if you think early Soilwork, you won't be too far off the mark and this does also add a retro edge.

There is also a modern facet with the inclusion of technical elements in the guitar work, style-wise not unlike 'The Faceless' but in places it was a touch over technical, also there is a hint of Metal-core with a few breakdowns and very fast blasting drums, however, saying all that there is still huge amounts of untapped potential to Reality Grey, it just needs to be developed and refined a little more.

reality grey

Most of the tracks fitted into a specific niche, fast with a mix of technical and melodic but there was one track which stood out from the other eight, 'Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred' which I liked a lot, mainly because it was different to others, slower, with a sombre, moody and brutal edge which felt very original, also natural and unforced.

It still had all those other elements they have been trying to encompass, the technical and the melodic but here it slotted together in a very dynamic yet easy way.

'Define Redemption' is okay, solid and well produced but nothing special, however if you are a fan of Soilwork, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Carnal Forge, Dew-Scented you should find this an interesting and enjoyable listen.

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