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'Insanity Begins'

jools green

Jools Green

infectious hate

'Insanity Begins' is the debut EP from Paris' death/groove Metal quintet 'Infectious Hate', formed 2009, who draw their influences from across the range of death Metal, groove Metal, nu Metal and alternative rock genres, typically from bands across this broad spectrum such as Slipknot, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Machine Head, Devildriver, Sevendust, Chimaira, Mudvayne, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Static X.

Personally I felt there was a slight Scandinavian death Metal feel in there also.

What I liked most about this EP is the strong contrast of insanely brutal vocals and catchy chugging groove, the brutal death growl that emanates from vocalist John Karnage is absolutely superb.

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It may only be a six track EP but it is definitely a case of quality over quantity, the first track, 'Insanity Begins' opens like a brutal storm and then the groove kicks in, which has a slight retro feel, this is particularly noticeable on the next track, 'No More' which is my favourite of the EP and the groove reminds me a little of Static X's 'Black and White'.

It's riffy, choppy, and groovy beyond belief, completed with brutal vocals combining to form a perfect blend of death and groove, an excellent track.

infectious hate

Another track that made a big impression with me is, 'Alive' which has a fast tempo and a soaring growl to open, along with a Scandinavian death Metal feel to the riffs. This track is the perfect contradiction because despite being up tempo with chorus of "I'm alive" there is a dark sinister feel lurking beneath the surface, excellent.

'Dead End' is a mix of chunks of intense drum work and chugging groove and I love the sexy death metal riff that accompanies the chorus while the longest track 'Corroded by Time' has a highly effective midway drop away and direction change that leads into a crisp guitar solo from Léo Guerre towards the close followed by a sound-bite of Samuel L Jackson's well known speech from Pulp Fiction.

infectious hate

Final track 'Sins' has a head nodding, deathly chugging groove and the rise and fall of the tempo adds a lot of atmosphere and interest and there is also a good use of tempo change across this five minute track; a great album ender.

I think 'Insanity Begins' is a great debut EP and I look forward with excited anticipation for their debut full length.

Check them out on their reverbnation page at

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