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'Tibi Et Igni'
(Nuclear Blast)

jools green

Jools Green


Formed in 1983, Polish death/thrash veterans Vader have an expansive back catalogue including eleven full length releases. 'Tibi Et Igni' is their twelfth and follow up to 2011s hugely successful 'Welcome To The Morbid Reich'.

As one of the first Polish death Metal bands and responsible for putting Poland firmly on the Metal map it is not a question of, is it any good, but how good. The high level of consistency over their back catalogue, particularly the last couple of releases, pretty much guarantees a release that won't disappoint.

So just how good is it? Superb is the short answer, with crisp production, stunning compositions and flawless musicianship, superb vocals from Peter and each of the ten tracks (or twelve if you have the digipack) offer something different and exciting.

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Two of the tracks featured on a single released in April, the superb and memorable racy, shred-fest, 'Triumph Of Death', which would be my favourite if all the rest weren't so good.

The second track of the album, 'Where Angels Weep', is a frontal assault of your senses which if the opening track, 'Go to Hell', with its monumental symphonic opener and riffs that arrive like a slap to the face, has failed to catch your attention somehow, this surely will.

'Armada On Fire' has some killer guitar work in the first half with a second wave towards the latter part of the track and another track that really got my blood pumping was 'Hexenkessel' with its intense rhythms and superb guitar work in the second half.

'Abandon All Hope' is a blasting anthem with its catchy chorus while 'Worms Of Eden' pins you to the wall, starting with thirty seconds of screaming guitars and roaring vocals.

Probably the darkest track of the release is 'The Eye Of The Abyss'. Its epic symphonic opener helps to enhance the blackened feel of this track which closes on a superb solo while 'Light Reaper' opens with a crescendo of drums and although the drum work is excellent throughout. Just how good it is becomes apparent here; add a couple of solos and you have another great track.

Final track, the aptly named 'The End', is slower in tempo with a mix of spoken and sung lyrics and a ponderous solo midway, a dark and powerful track and a great album ender.

All that is left for me to say is that it comes as no surprise to me that 'Tibi Et Igni' is as excellent as I expected it to be, an album full of solid, crushing Vader trademarked tracks and surprised or not, I am still excited about this release nonetheless.

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