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'Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity'
(Parasitic Records)

Jools Green

jools green

Weregoat: Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity

'Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity' is the first EP released by Portland's Black Metallers Weregoat. The band, together since 2009 and consisting of Indiscriminate Impregnator on guitars, Nocturnal Hellfukker on bass/vocals and Sado Seducer on drums.

Although listed as an EP, it actually consists of eight tracks, is a generous 25 minutes long and oozing evil and darkness. Musically it's very atmospheric but with a raw dirty sound. Much of the atmosphere comes from the distorted, guttural, indecipherable vocals, causing the whole album to feel quite ominous.

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The sound harks back to that typical black Metal sound of the 90s, but you won't get any complaints from me about that. The drums have a distant tinny sound to them and the guitars are sludgy and distorted. The lyrics are delightfully disturbing and misogynistic and I would expect no less from this music genre, but because of the distorted nature of the vocals you need to consult the lyric sheet to appreciate them at their most vile. All this just keeps you listening.

The opening track 'Nuclear Cunt' begins innocuously, like a black and white horror film soundtrack with a dirty distorted organ, before turning into an audio punch to the face.

'Abysmal Whore' has rather an excellent doomy and harrowingly tortuous opening. I also enjoyed the catchy sludgy repeat riff and chanting vocals of 'Blackwinged Abominator but 'Invoke The Black Oblivion' has to be my favourite track of the album, the haunting whispering vocal intro combined with soft guitar squeal, the doomy, distorted chant throughout absolutely oozing with spine chilling atmosphere and finally ending with ear shredding feedback. Good stuff indeed.

'Nocturnal Hunt', the final track has echoing tinny drums and adistorted repeat riff giving you a real feeling of being chased through the woods on a dark foggy night by some hideous creature and serves as a very exciting end to the album.

This may not be a new or innovative approach to Black Metal but it is a well-executed example of retro Black Metal and I enjoyed it a great deal. The overall length is not too long so you can listen end to end and is definitely well worth a listen.

The cover art with its ritual beast summoning illustration will raise a few smiles also.

'Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity' is available now on Parasitic Records.



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