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'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh'
(Vic Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Following their debut demo 'Coffinborn' in 2012 and the EP 'Eaten Alive' in 2013, 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' is the debut full length from Gluttony, an intense chunk of old school Swedish death Metal with, according to the band, nothing fancy happening just gore and zombies.

The band consist of three members of 'My Own Grave', Anders Härén on guitars, John Henriksson on drums and Max Bergman on bass and they were formerly fronted by Swedish growler Johan Jansson (Interment, Uncanny, Centinex) for the EP and demo, but covering vocal duties for this release is Magnus Ödling (Setherial, ex-Diabolical).

Sound wise 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' is a superbly gritty, delightfully distorted, classic sounding chunk of Swedish death Metal; the vocals are aggressive, gravelly growls and definitely add extra drive to the tracks which are awash with massive rhythms and d-beats, but with less manic death Metal intensity than 'My Own Grave' to the overall sound.

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It's not a long release; the eight tracks clocking up a mere thirty minutes but half the tracks do pass the four minute mark. There's no windy intro, just a short amusing sound-bite that warns "Something's coming!" and straight down to business with 'The Revenant' which has a great "slappy" d-beat running through it and is a superb riff fest; a great start to the album. The tempo kicks up a notch for 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' which has some superbly drawn out vocalisations.

Versions of three of the tracks on this release originally featured on either the EP or the demo and it's good to see them revisited here. The first, 'Eaten Alive', is another favourite with me for its catchy riffs, lyrics and superbly manic vocals. The track opens with a somewhat amusing sound-bite discussing the a allegedly affectionate side to cannibalism.

The second is 'Coffinborn', which once it gets going has a superb groove to the riffs. The other track is the final one of the album; the mid tempo 'On The Slab' and all three are an excellent listen.


'Raise The Dead' has a superbly engaging rise and fall riff pattern that repeats regularly across the track, and becomes briefly slower and more deliberating midway. There's a great drum opener with the drum profile remaining a little more to the front throughout on 'Post Mortem Decapitation' and although I very impressed with the quality of the drum work across the album it is at its best here. 'And Then You Rot' is maniacally bleak and to the point.

'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' is mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound Studios (Opeth, Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity) and the gore-tastic cover art is by US cult horror comics artist Jeff Zornow (Misfits, Gama Bomb, F.K.Ü.).

I admit 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh' is another old school death Metal album covering familiar ground to the point of almost being a homage to the bands of old, but it does it so well and is a hugely enjoyable listen end to end, you can't ask much more from a release than that.

If you like Paganizer, Ribspreader or any Swedish old school death outfit you should enjoy this.

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