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Jools Green

jools green

job for a cowboy demonocracy

Death Metallers from Arizona, Job For A Cowboy, a band not afraid to hold up a middle finger to criticism, now unleash upon the Metal world their third full length, 'Demonocracy'. The band, Jonny Davy on vocals, Jon Rice on drums, Nick Schendzielos on bass and Alan Glassman and Tony Sannicandro on guitars, have been developing and improving their style since their formation and Deathcore days in 2003.

I was not the biggest fan of their first EP, 'Doom', so it has been interesting to listen to their style evolve with their previous full lengths, 'Genesis' and 'Ruination', gradually moving away from Deathcore and developing a more technical Death style. 'Demonocracy' continues this trend and is their best effort yet.

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I like this album, it is listenable end to end but it is something I would listen to half of and break it up with something else before going back and listening to the rest. Just to guarantee I paid the album the attention it deserved because it is quite an audio onslaught.

Also, many of the tracks are quite long, over four minutes in length and one is over the six minute mark so I found my mind drifting for this reason. I enjoyed the brutal, technical guitars and the vocals, particularly at the deeper growly end are greatly improved this time around.

'Children Of Deceit', the first track, opens with some good brutal technical guitars and is a promising start to the album. It's followed by 'Nourishment Through Bloodshed', one of the shorter tracks but fast and intensely packed with some technical riffs and guitar squeals. 'Imperium Wolves' is a slower number with an enjoyable groove to it.

A couple of tracks which stood out for me were 'The Manipulation Stream' and 'The Deity Misconception' both catchy with a straightforward Death Metal approach to them, and some tasty riffs into the bargain.

'Fearmonger' slows at just over midway with an emotionally powerful end and this bleak atmospheric feel continues into the final track, the emotionally charged 'Tarnished Gluttony'.

This is a good album from a band that are moving in the right direction musically. I also believe their best is yet to come.

I loved the politically contentious, cover art, a clever visual forewarning of the audio onslaught inside.

'Demonocracy' is out on Metal blade records now.



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