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jools green

Jools Green


There is nothing more exciting than to discover a band whose music has a unique and boundary pushing edge and 'Raptus', the follow up EP to the self titled full length debut release from Unbeing is so much so that it has me full to bursting point with excitement.

Hailing from  Montreal, QC, the quartet plays a superbly crafted mix of instrumental progressive Metal that has a strong jazz edge and is described as "Meta-Jazz" by their guitarist Sherif El-Maghraby.

What makes it stand out for me is the very fact that it is instrumental and that vocals would actually detract greatly from the end product, such is the nature of their music. They have in the past experimented with vocalists but have now decided to proceed without. Who needs lyrics when the music speaks volumes as this release does.

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The EP features four tracks; 'Rapture', 'Batterie Faible', 'Tetris Rufus' and '2nd Cup', all of which have been inspired by the scenario of a listener's journey, riding the city's Metro subway line and if you close your eyes you really can visualise being transported, physically and emotionally, as is the band's intention, from, in the band's words: "The claustrophobic Montreal underground to the open expanses of the mind."


Across the four tracks there is some superbly expressive jazz style drum work from Jean Phillipe Bédard, some of the grooviest bass lines you are likely to hear from Alexandre Murdock D'Amour, particularly on 'Batterie Faible' but I think it's the very nature of the keyboard work from Martin Labelle that adds a sufficiently expressive edge, allowing for the non requirement of vocals, that and the subtle addition of "Metro" sound-bites into the mix.

The guitar work from Sherif Maghraby is superb across the release but really comes to the fore on the final track '2nd Cup'.

This EP is a superb musical journey of progressive Metal that needs to be heard from beginning to end to give you the fullest picture, well worth a listen and the EP 'Raptus' is available as a FREE download for the month of July at the band's official website,

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