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jools green

Jools Green


Every now and then a band crosses my path whose music completely captivates and fascinates me and death Metal quartet from Finland, Hirsispuu, whose name means gallows, are one such band.

'Ihmisestä' is their debut EP, which follows a self titled demo released in 2013. That is pretty much all I know about them, apart from one other thing, that being, what a superbly insane release this is, it's one of the most brutally refreshing things I have heard of late.

The EP consists of eight short, sharp, shocks that exude energy and vitriol, all under the three minute mark, clocking up a compact eighteen minutes, all sung in their native tongue, a great choice as it certainly adds to the overall impression and played at a pretty frantic pace.

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The vocals from bassist/vocalist Gardemeister are angry to the point of sounding, at times, almost deranged, but superbly executed, descending from crazy screams into a deep terrifying growl, encompassing a range that is impressively broad.

You also get from guitarists Kytӧmäki and Turpeinen, a mix of riffs that vary from pounding to intensely face ripping, but the clever part is the carefully and discreetly woven melody that co-exists, regularly making itself known and makes it so listenable, as on 'Välttämäton Paha', my favourite track of the release, which also boasts an excellent guitar segment to the close.

The bass lines are strong and deliberate, adding plenty of depth and the drums, delivered by Jokinen, break out from the high speed blasts that dominate the release into some great patterns where necessary.


Opening as it means to continue with 'Antaa Sen Huutaa', the initial vocal roars knock you flat on your back; they are tortuous, vitriolic and deranged, a superb start to the EP. Rising and falling riffs are mixed with chugging riffs on 'Pyhitetty Olkoon Sinun Himosi' and sit well alongside the vitriolic vocals.

The repeats have a brutal yet hypnotic, head nodding quality on 'Apostata', they also manage to squeeze in a closing guitar segment to keep it interesting, just before all hell breaks loose at the close of the track.

'Raivo' is another great, chugging, head-nodding beast of a track, preceding my previously mentioned, favourite, the intense yet melodic 'Välttämäton Paha'. The rapid direction change on 'Turha Uhri' keeps you fascinated, yet wondering just what the hell is going on.

I thought the preceding tracks were fast and then 'Väelle Valta' happened, a breathtakingly fast and excellent track.

'Akti' is heavily drum led but still with enough melody to surprise and engage you and has a superbly sinister closing guitar segment.

'Ihmisestä' is a bit like a machine gun going off, but at the same time it is such a fascinating listen and short enough to listen to repeatedly, I love it!

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