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jools green

Jools Green


Just nine months after the release of their superb debut full length release, 'Nightmare Vortex', German death Metal duo Slaughterday are back with a new EP, 'Ravenous', consisting of three new tracks and a cover of Acheron's 'Ave Satanas'.

Amounting to twenty well filled minutes of more stunning guitar melodies, more fat bass lines and more hellish vocals rolled into their personal brand of dark and creepy death Metal that ranges from a crawling crush to speeding ferocity once again.

The EP begins with title track 'Ravenous' and warning waves of sonic bass arrive just before the main body of the track kicks in, opening out and becoming intense and varied in tempo, a superb mix of Swedish Metal blended with a touch of death/doom and delivered with face ripping force.

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The vocals are superb, particularly on 'Crawling In Secrecy' where they manifest as a drawn out gut wrenching gargle of huge proportions, mirroring the drawn out guitar work.

With a predominantly fast tempo and intricate guitar segments, 'Abyss Of Nameless Fear' is a clever blend of the brutal with the melodic; a stunning track.


Twenty-two years passed since the original was released. 'Ave Satanas' (Acheron cover) was one of Acheron's better pieces and the crisp modern production does this iconic track a lot of justice as does Slaughterday's excellent interpretation. They haven't taken anything away but have added so much; a superb rendition.

'Ravenous' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio. Artwork by Swedish artist Jan Pysander Whitney and is available on MCD format and as a limited edition (300 copies) blood red vinyl MLP.

I thought 'Nightmare Vortex' was an excellent release when it came out at the end of 2013 and 'Ravenous' is equally as good if not better. Slaughterday are fast becoming a musical force to be reckoned with.

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