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'Outcast Of Society'
(Inverse Records)

jools green

Jools Green

process pain

Founded by Teemu Tomb, Lauri Laakso and Toni Riihiluoma in 2006, Finnish death Metal quintet Process Pain have released two EP's so far, 'The Beginning' in 2008 and 2009s 'The Prologue'.

They originally started as a deathcore outfit but their sound has progressed on 2014s self produced, debut full length release, 'Outcast Of Society', to a melodic death Metal with Metalcore influences, and you can't help but notice that reflected in not just the sound, with its varying abundance of breakdowns, but also the track titles and subject matter. Also although Lauri is no longer a band member he is responsible for all the band's artwork.

There are a lot of noteworthy points across this ten track release and the album opens well with the mid paced 'Life Beyond Reason', the first thing that struck me was the vocals, I loved the rapport between the lead and backing and also the good balance between the melodic death, and the crushing quality from the slight Metalcore edge and for me this was the best track.

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Title track 'Outcast Of Society' also made an impression with its catchy edge and the slightly technical riffs before spiralling nicely into a breakdown while 'Words Of Respect' is an intense chugger of a track but again the balance of melodic elements to Metalcore are sufficient to make it an enjoyable listen.

Although it has a strong Metalcore leaning 'Self Confidence' also has a very bouncy edge to the sound which works well. 'Walls Of Liars' has a fast tempo to open and some great closing melodic death guitars. 'Silence' has a superb melodic opener to begin and I like the subtle technical element that creeps in midway.

process pain

On the slightly negative side, although most of the vocals are pretty good on this release, they are quite strained on 'Steal The Grail' and I didn't think the high screams worked too well either.

'N.O.I.S.' is strongest core influenced track which I mostly liked, only thing that spoilt it a bit was the somewhat clichéd "Eat, Fuck, Kill, Repeat" refrain. On the last track, 'Final Escape', the melodic death content is so good, demonstrating to its fullest their guitar skills that I can't help wondering how it would sound without the metalcore elements which, here, don't really add much to the bigger picture.

You associate Finland with melodic death Metal acts like Insomnium, Kalimah and Ensiferum and so I do commend Process Pain for trying to break away from that mould by adding a Metalcore edge to the sound.

'Outcast Of Society' is only their first full album, the band are still finding their feet and are still comparatively young. There is a lot of talent in the guitars so there isn't too much necessity to overdo it with the more basic metalcore sound over a more complex melodic death option. It will be interesting to see how they decide to develop further.

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