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'Digital Dream Sequence'
(Metal Blade Records)

jools green

Jools Green


I was blown away by 2011s 'Separate Realities' from Atlanta's experimental jazz fusion/progressive rock outfit Triocapes and it seems that despite the high bar they set themselves with that release, Dan Briggs, Walter Fancourt and Matt Lynch have managed to evolve even further with their second album 'Digital Dream Sequence'.

They have stated that this time, more consideration has gone into the compositions, aiming to capture the raw and dynamic mood of their live shows. Although plenty of thought went into the previous release it's clear that with 'Digital Dream Sequence' they have aimed for a much more deliberate, focused sound with a clear idea where they are headed.

The release is just five tracks but there are some marathon length ones here, more so than the previous release, totalling forty-two minutes, but what makes this such a compelling listen is the contrast between the subtle and the insane along with that engaging psychedelic groove.

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The opening track, 'Digital Dream Sequence', begins as a gentle inroad into the album with the bass and sax working around each other becoming more frenetic as the track progresses yet keeping that all important subtle groove in the bass work.

Shortest track, 'Stab Wounds', has a punchy quality and a sexy groove causing it to flow beautifully, with sax and flute weaving amongst the guitars while 'From The Earth To The Moon' has a superb hypnotic, journeying quality, subtle xylophone interludes mixed with gentle flute work seem to express the peace and weightlessness of space balanced against the tumultuous sax. Another track superbly partitioned to maintain maximum interest.


What also makes this album so good it how the instruments express so well the idea behind the title, without the aid of any lyrical content, particularly on 'Hysteria' where the skilfully deranged sax work reflects perfectly the mood and feel of the hysterical mindset.

Finally with the closing track, clocking up a massive fifteen minutes, 'The Jungle', where the beat of the opening drums take on eastern rhythms and the track is skilfully sectioned to take you through a fascinating jungle mindscape with a different aural experience with each twist and turn, hypnotic, groovy, psychedelic, even at times haunting and intense, a superb end to the release.

This release was once again mixed and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Scale The Summit, Devin Townsend). A superb album, filled end to end with flawless musicianship and brilliant compositions that are wonderfully "off the wall".

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