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'Outbreak Of Infection'
(Self release)

jools green

Jools Green

display of decay

Previously releasing two EP's, 'Blood Borne' and 'The Feasting', in 2010 and a self titled, debut full length in 2012, the Edmonton trio Display Of Decay return with their third EP 'Outbreak Of Infection', a mid paced chunk of brutal death Metal created from an interesting and somewhat unique blend of old school death Metal, along with hints of thrash and doom Metal.

To give you more of an idea of their sound there are also noticeable influences of, but without sounding like, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse.

The tracks are fairly complex so it took me a while to get my head around the whole concept but the musicianship is good and the vocals from Tyler Goudreau, who also covers bass duties, I like a lot; deep, brutal gutturals that are just decipherable.

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There is something noteworthy about each of the five tracks on this EP from the pulsating opening rhythms of first track; 'Born Of Rot' which has some great off-kilter technical riffs woven into its sound.

The pounding 'Manchurian Candidate' is heavy as hell but still manages to have an underlying groove and is finished off with some thrashy guitar work.

'Praise The Gore' has a definite doom edge in places, balance nicely against some thrashy guitar segments and good tempo and direction change that keeps it interesting.

display of decay

With title track 'Outbreak Of Infection' my interest was grabbed at the opening vocal roar, and maintained by the insanely constructed, catchy rhythms.

The final track is a mind-blowing cover of Kiss's 'Black Diamond' from 1974 and THIS is how that track was meant to sound, brutal, crunchy and catchy, a superb rendition.

'Outbreak Of Infection' was produced and mixed by Tyson Travnik at the Sonic Dungeon and mastered by Alan Sacha Laskow of Perfect Fifth. It is an EP that really grows on you, it definitely needs four or five listens to truly get the feel of it and if you like Deicide, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse or Cryptopsy you should find this an interesting listen.

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