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'We Die As One'
(Xtreem Music)

jools green

Jools Green

warlord uk

Warlord UK, an underrated, classic British death Metal outfit, were originally active between 1993-98 and at that time released just the one full length, 'Maximum Carnage' in 1996.

The Birmingham trio reformed in 2008 and, making up for lost time, are back with 'We Die As One', the follow up to their 2010 comeback release 'Evil Within'.

Don't expect anything ground breaking but what you can expect and is guaranteed is honest, crushing death Metal with a touch of crust and thrash resulting in something that is a compelling and enjoyable listen.

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Soundwise they are in the vein of their contemporaries Bolt Thrower and to a lesser extent early Benediction (when they were a force to be reckoned with and fronted by vocal legend Dave Ingram (who also performed guest vocals on Warlord UK's 'Maximum Carnage') but they still manage to maintain their own unique edge.

Overall, across this ten track offering, what you get is everything you want from a death Metal album, good mid pace vocals that are a deep yet definable growl, a substantial density to the riffs, natural flowing complementary drum work that isn't overbearing but that breaks out into some good patterns where necessary, particularly on 'Age Of Extreme' and on the longest, at seven minutes, 'Masses Gather In Masses' and also on 'Insurgents Breed' which drops away to an almost doom like pace in places and on top of this, across the whole release, the tracks also have an excellent, slightly dirty edge to the sound.

It's hard to pick a favourite track as they are all pretty consistent in quality but 'Strength Defeats Decay' has a bit of an edge, a slightly more urgent tempo, it's a bit catchier, the vocals have a darker and even more powerful quality and I loved the higher backing screams which when used here, add great contrast and the well placed tempo and direction change make it varied and interesting.

Also worth mentioning is the dark sinister 'Human Inner Core' which has a catchy, very chunky, pounding quality, garnished by a marvellously extended roar of "Core!!!", gut wrenching screams and closing thrashy guitars, the gentle guitar opener on 'Last Of Our Legacy' mirrors the ensuing brutality to great effect and 'We Die As One', which has some superb catchy repeat riffs that you can't fail to love.

'We Die As One' epitomises what British Metal is all about and I can't help feeling a sense of pride over that and anyone who loves old school mid paced death Metal should find this a joy to listen to.

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