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'Burial Ground'
(Listenable records)

jools green

Jools Green


I never cease to be amazed at how some of the best extreme Metal bands remain so deeply buried in the music underground that they seem known only to a very privileged audience. Underrated French death Metal outfit Loudblast are such a band.

'Burial Ground' is their seventh full length in a twenty-nine year history which has been rocky and seen a few band splits but ultimately their music speaks for itself.

This nine track, forty-five minute follow-up to 2011s 'Frozen Moments Between Life And Death' with founding member and guitarist/vocalist Stéphane Buriez once more joined by his long time drummer Hervé Coquerel, Alex Lenormand on bass, and Drakhian on lead guitar (ex-Takke) is a solid mix of classic and modern influenced mid paced death metal with elements of thrash in the mix creating a vitriolic yet catchy sound with a dark groove at times, completed by the superb vocals from Stéphane, a deep growl that has stunningly high degree of lyrical clarity.

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I have no favourite, each track is equally as good, almost all falling between the four and six minute mark but this leaves a lot of room for varied and well filled content across the board, all are superbly crafted and complex compositions, with equally high level of musicianship to match. You can hear influences from other bands yet Loudblast manage to not sound like anyone specific which is also a big plus point.

Opening with 'A Bloody Oath' where a brief haunting build is followed by dark waves of riffs, preceded by drums, the tempo picks up midway with the arrival of the main body of vocals and dropping down again to a superb closing solo.

With screaming thrash guitars to open, 'Darkness Will Abide' has an addictive, head nodding rhythm, a midway direction change and more screaming thrash guitars to close while 'Ascending Straight In Circles' begins on a clean reflective guitar opener before ramping up to a mid pace with a brief addictive groove then adopting a punk like feel to the riffs midway.


'Soothing Torments' has a superb powerful and catchy opening riff, with the hint of a technical edge about it that forms the core of the track breaking out to nice midway solo.

'From Dried Bones' is the only track below the four minute mark commencing with a building military drum beat opener and demonstrates a good balance between the melody from the guitars and brutality of the vocals, all the while maintaining a dark sinister feel.

'I Reach The Sun' has a dark plodding rhythm and powerfully emotive closing solo. 'Abstract God' has some simple yet amazingly catchy repeat riffs that demand your attention, alongside a brutally commanding groove. The dark ominous, opener builds gradually on 'The Void', it's pace is slower than its predecessors but has a superb, dark, layered quality to the sound and an almost dirty edge, plunging midway into a doom like pace to the close, fading into a final acoustic guitar segment; a deceptively powerful track.

Hints of thrash are woven into the final chunk of death Metal, 'The Path' and ends with some superb closing guitars while 'Burial Ground' is an absolutely superb album that is hugely thought provoking and mood rich, I enjoyed it from the first listen and it grows better with each subsequent listen, so much so that I am off to seek out their back catalogue.

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