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'Apotheosis Of Death'
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

jools green

Jools Green

exordium mors

The same hemisphere that spawned the Aussie legends Destroyer 666 has now spewed forth another very promising black n' thrash outfit in the shape of Exordium Mors from Auckland, New Zealand.

The five piece's debut full length, 'Apotheosis of Death', follows two EP's, 2010s 'Verus Hostis- A Hymn To Fire' and 'Sacrifice, Perish And Demise' in 2012 and soundwise is very much in the vein of the previously mentioned Destroyer 666 along with hints of the German black n' thrash giants Desaster, but maintaining a unique quality nonetheless.

It's a gritty and vitriolic offering, particularly in the vocal department, almost of two halves. The first half contains six tracks that from what I was able to ascertain seem to explore the glory of death/transcendence; 'Apotheosis Of Death: I – VI,' and the fifth track 'Apotheosis Of Death: V. The Purging Storm Of Chaos Unfurls...' is the most intense instrumental you are ever likely to hear. Not the usual palate cleansing, clean instrumental but an all out riff fest practically end to end.

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Of these six, my favourite track was the first, 'Apotheosis Of Death: I. Axiom' I loved the extended opener that pans out to a comfortable plodding rhythm that is well garnished with thrashy riffs and good closing solo and although it becomes an intense offering by the midway point, it still maintains a punchy precise quality.

The four tracks of the second half of the album seem to be a more loosely related in their subject matter and in some ways I like this half of the album more as it has a purer black n' thrash feel.

Of this half the best two tracks for me were 'Fire And Triumph' which has a good galloping pace, well placed direction and tempo changes, good drum work to accompany the challengingly complex guitars, especially in the latter part where the pace picks up considerably and a great closing guitar segment of marathon proportions. Overall an exciting listen.

And 'Abandon All Hope' which starts with a superb haunting whisper: "Abandon hope" that returns as a repeat shout throughout. The vocal range is pushed impressively here also with excellent deep haunting growls alongside the vitriolic hisses.

exordium mors

I would have liked more clarity on the vocals across the release because although their sound is good, I would have liked to get a greater understanding of the tracks from the lyrical perspective, but this isn't a massive issue, just with such long and intriguing titles it would have been nice to delve a little deeper.

There is, across all the tracks, some great guitar work in the shape of thrash rich and at times highly technical solos and riffs and is undoubtedly the best aspect of the release.

'Apotheosis Of Death' was recorded, mixed and mastered at Revolver Studios, Waiuku, New Zealand by Alex Selman of Odin Recordings. If you are a fan of the previously mentioned bands or any black n' thrash outfit, 'Apotheosis Of Death' should be an interesting listen for you, on the whole I think it is a pretty good album that gets better the further in you get.

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