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'World Of Tombs'
(Scarlet Records)

jools green

Jools Green

horned almighty

Danish blackened Metal outfit Horned Almighty have spent the last three years creating 'World Of Tombs', their fifth full length since their inception in 2002. Originally a side project for vocalist S and guitarist Hellpig, the result is nothing short of superb, a worthy follow-up to 2010s 'Necro Spirituals'.

They describe their sound as: "Mixing the primitivism of Celtic Frost with the aggression of Discharge and the ugliness of Autopsy, all drenched in the eerie and disturbing rot of early nineties Black Metal."

I couldn't put it any better, the sound is dense and pummelling, yet crunchy and ranging from punk fuelled black Metal all the way down to a doom rich leaning with crushing results, making it brutal yet fresh and appealing. All the tracks are well varied and the musicianship and composition is superb, also the vocals are an impressively deep rasping growl, giving a nice caustic edge to the tracks.

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I don't have a favourite track all nine are equally as superb and each can stand alone in their own right. After a brief atmospheric intro it's straight into the mid tempo title track 'World Of Tombs' and the opening vocal roar fills you with anticipation and rightly so, the vocals aren't easily discernible but they are superbly powerful and atmospheric.

'Diabolical Engines Of Torment' has a much faster pace and a punk laced edge with some superb, catchy riffs. The more classic black Metal sounding 'Unpure Salvation' has plodding, blackened tempo and opening vocals that howl through like an icy wind.

A faster tempo for the next track, 'Plague Propaganda' and one of the many appealing factors of this album is the variety of approach and tempo across the tracks keeping the album such an interesting listen. '...of Flesh and Darkness' a mix of D-beats and punk riffs with blackened edge and S's repeated vocal roar of: "Of Flesh and Darkness!" cutting thorough.

horned almighty

'In Torture We Trust pt. II' is slower and very deliberate but with a subtle underlying melody, dropping dramatically away at the midway point and with some higher profile drum work to the close. 'This Unholy Dwelling', is a superb four minute chunk of black 'n' thrash with good drum patterns towards the close.

The longest track at seven minutes, 'Blessed by Foulness', has slower pace to begin with that develops into quite a sleazy groove for a while, then ramping things up a bit and adopting a punk edge to the riffs, blackening before a doom rich descent. The sheer length of this track gives huge scope to encompass a wide range of tempo and direction change that is utilised to superb effect.

The album concludes with a superb cover of Autopsy's 'Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay 'from their 1991 'Mental Funeral' album and this rendition holds true to the original, serving as a real tribute to the death Metal legends.

'World Of Tombs' was once again mixed by Jacob Bredahl (Ex-Hatesphere, The Kandidate, Barcode) in Deadrat Studios, whom I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for, as both an artist in his own right as well as a producer and his involvement is something that plays, I am sure, a more than modest part in the high standard of this superb release.

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