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'Impending Revelation'
(Independent Release)

jools green

Jools Green

the furor

Complete with all the "in your face" intensity you expect form Australian Metal, The Furor return with full length number four, 'Impending Revelation', which follows 2011s 'War Upon Worship'.

As with the previous release, this latest offering is once again the stripped down, one man, assault force of Dizazter/Louis Rando, of Bloodlust, Impiety, Mhorgl and a host of others bands besides, covering all aspects if the release, from the composition to all the instrumentation.

'Impending Revelation' is an intense mix of black and death with strong thrash leanings and as a result it is a riff rich offering of lethal proportions. The drum work across the release is very strong and at times fast as hell, as you would expect given that drums are Louis' main instrument but the guitar work is pretty impressive also, packed with old school tinged thrash based riffs and solos set on a strong blackened base completed with some vicious and vitriolic harsh rasping vocals that are very comprehensible.

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This nine track release encompasses forty-four minutes, opening powerfully with 'Hammer Hierarchy' which has strong traditional black Metal feel with thrash rich overtones, that are strongly prevalent across the whole release and a superb guitar segment towards the latter part and this feel continues with 'Inferno Fortification'.

  'Summoned Obscurity' has a ramped up tempo becoming more blackened towards the close. 'Seven Trumpets (Ceaseless Armageddon)' is punchy and intense and stuffed to the gunnels with riffs and blasting drum work.

  The very blackened 'Corpse Eclipse' has an insane opener and sound-wise is superbly phrased and punctuated across the track along with a haunting black Metal guitar segment in the first half midway vitriolic spoken blackened lyrics and a manic thrash element in the second half making it a complex yet fascinating track and one of the standout tracks for me.

the furor

'Diabolic Liberation' takes on a slower tempo; it's very intense, deliberate and dark with some note worthy drum work that makes you sit up and really pay attention midway heralding a build in intensity and tempo. 'Black Sorcerer Of Sadism' is wonderfully black and chaotic.

  The penultimate track is a cover of Slayer's 1983 album title track 'Show No Mercy' and I am pretty impressed with this version as it encapsulated the original feel and intensity well. My first thoughts on hearing final track, 'The Pentagram Prevails' were: "Oh I say!!" I love this track, its slightly slower in tempo than the majority of the previous offerings with a very dark almost filthy feel yet maintaining that vital, engaging thrash edge. A great album ender.

The superb slightly retro cover art is by Mhorgl's James Campbell, I also like the production, not overly polished giving a slightly retro, dirty edge, overall 'Impending Revelation' is a great release with a refreshing approach to black metal and should appeal to fans of early Destroyer 666, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Hate Eternal or Impiety.

This album is recommended listening also for all drummers who are sure to find the lunatic drum work fascinating.

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