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jools green

Jools Green

the rotted

Performing between 1997 to 2008 as Gorerotted, they didn't come to my notice until 2008 when they had reinvented themselves as The Rotted and released 'Get Dead Or Die Trying', an album that really grabbed my attention and after catching them live for the first time in 2010 I was hooked.

Six years down the road they have decided to call it a day for many reasons, including Nate moving to Haifa to do a PhD in Neurobiology.

Their final performance fittingly was at the first ever 'Wrongstock', "A Festival Of Wrong 'uns", an event planned to be an annual one to showcase bands produced by the legendary Russ Russell, to celebrate this well loved and respected producer in the UK Metal scene.

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Appearing alongside them on this occasion was a superb line-up consisting of Shrapnel, Oaf, Sidious, Saturnian, Evil Scarecrow, Karybdis, Drip Back and Lenge Tch'e. The bands whose sets I caught a small part of were pretty impressive but my focus this evening was purely on The Rotted.

From the opening note to the closing note their set was a serious and focused event, a far cry from the on stage hilarity when they supported Carpathian Forest last December, although that was still an excellent performance but clearly this time they were determined to go out leaving a positive, focused and crisply professional memory.

Their set drew from their two full length releases; 2008s 'Get Dead Or Die Trying' and 2011s 'Ad Nauseam', including 'Nothin' But a Nosebleed', 'Surrounded By Skulls', 'Apathy In The UK' plus two big favourites of mine, 'Non Serviam' and 'Motörbastärds'.

Judging by the crowd's reaction, particularly when vocalist Ben embarked on a quick crowd surf towards the close of the performance, everyone enjoyed the set as much as I did and you can't ask better than that.

On a positive note, although Ben is training to be a physiotherapist, musically he's hoping to release the first 'Your Funeral' EP soon and rumour also has it that he may also be joining a well known band in the near future so all is not lost.

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