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'Massive Cauldron Of Chaos'
(Indie Recordings)

jools green

Jools Green


'Massive Cauldron Of Chaos' is the sixth full length from Norwegian black Metal quartet 1349 and the follow-up to 2010s 'Demonoir', which personally I loved, partly for the way it was separated by the dark atmospheric instrumentals giving an intense edge to each actual track.

In comparison, 'Massive Cauldron Of Chaos' maintains that same rich intensity throughout its thirty-eight minute duration, much in the way that their 2005 offering, the superb 'Hellfire' did but more so.

All they have learnt from their seventeen years as a band has been taken onboard with this release as the bands comment on the album demonstrates: "We entered the studio with an idea of putting everything that 1349 has ever been about into a cauldron, stir it well, and pour in some fresh ingredients - as well as some strange old ones - and come up with our most potent elixir ever. And we brought the spirit to match the ambitious attempt. Boil, boil, toil and trouble... Behold! We have made the most delightfully intoxicating and dangerous potion you can dream of. FEEL THE FIRE! And Hail Hell."

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Across the nine tracks there is plenty of variety, each track a well assembled composition, the musician ship is superb, Frost's drum work beleagueres belief, insanely fast, complex and powerful, Ravn's vocals are cold, vitriolic and terror inducing, the guitar work from Archaon is fast intense and imaginatively crafted, the bass work from Seidemann in comparison is subtle and deceptive in its role but you certainly would miss it if it wasn't there and it's support cannot be underestimated however it does make a more prominent appearance on 'Excorcism'.

After a brief atmospheric intro 'Cauldron' opens with all the necrotic rampaging black Metal intensity you could wish for, but it's just a taste of what is to follow. 'Slaves' is a superbly intense track with the great lyrical repeat "The slaves shall serve..."

'Exorcism' is insanely vitriolic fast and aggressive with some crazy guitar work, if any track will strip the skin from your face this one will while a couple of tracks have a thrash quality, the dark 'Postmortem' and the short sharp and superbly aggressive 'Golem'.

'Mengele's 'has hatred fuelled vocals, furious drum work and dark hypnotic riffs with a superb latter part solo and 'Chained' has a slight punk edge initially but still with a rich quality to the sound , both these tracks have aspects reminiscent of 'Demoinir' feel wise.

'Godslayer' has a dark intense opener that sends a shiver through you as it progresses, building and becoming heavier and darker making it a superb album closer that leaves you wanting to listen to the album all over again.

'Massive Cauldron Of Chaos' is a superb release; Ravn, Archaon, Seidemann and Frost have surpassed the superb 'Demonoir' and with this latest offering and created black Metal for the black Metal connoisseur; prepare to let them lay waste to your ears.

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