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'Revealed From Ashes'
(Momento Mori)

jools green

Jools Green


If you fancy a chunk of old school death Metal that harks back to the late 80s - early 90s, at that point where the divide between death and thrash Metal was beginning to form, then look no further than 'Revealed from Ashes', the debut release from Bangladesh's Morbidity which encapsulates that feel perfectly but still remains fresh, new and exciting.

The complete sound achieved on this release I find impressive, particularly when you consider this has been achieved in just three years of existence and follows a demo, 2012s 'Pits Of Eternal Torment' and a split, 'Impious Conjuration', in 2013 mixing the speed and shredding of thrash the rough, brutish qualities of death Metal.

It's awash with catchy riffs and superb shreds, the drum work is good and at times reaches an impressive standard completed with a gut wrenching gargle from vocalist Defiler, the resulting combination having a superb depth of sound.

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There is a good standard of composition across the eight track, twenty nine minute release, sufficiently varied to keep your interest end to end and the production is just raw enough to maintain an old school feel.

I have no favourite track, all of them are a good standalone listen, each having that little memorable something or notable element within it that stands out and catches your ear, beginning with 'Decaying Souls' (Intro), a simple yet catchy, classic old school death Metal instrumental, with a dirty, twangy edge to the sound that really whets you appetite for the rest of the release.

Next track 'Incarnation Of Death' is up tempo, thrash rich, awash with catchy riffs, pummelling drum work and soaring harsh vocals with a crazy thrash solo towards the close.

'Let There Be Chaos' has classic styled, catchy repeat riff that runs throughout topped with a dirty thrashy midway solo while 'Morbidity' has some superb drum work from Israfel, possibly the best of the release, classically styled riffs and fast latter part solo. On 'Pits Of Eternal Torment' a repeat riff is woven with spoken vocals and screams at the midway point.

There is an intense and sinister tone to the riffs on 'Skull Crusher', with a superbly dark, haunting edge to the vocals and a dirty closing solo. 'Unholy Resurrection' is a superb combination of gut wrenching vocals and excellent "diabolical" riffing. Album closer and title track 'Revealed From Ashes' is another darker track with more "diabolical" haunting riffs and rasping vocals screams to open and a face searing solo midway, the pace rising and falling and the direction switching constantly to keep it interesting to the very end.

'Revealed From Ashes' will put you in mind of old school bands like bands like Death, Massacre, and Grave so if you have a passion for old school death Metal of that ilk this should be an enjoyable listen for you.

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