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Jools Green

jools green

I always enjoy gigs at the White Rabbit, a venue where I can be found loitering regularly. The sound is always excellent and the atmosphere friendly but sadly not always attended as well as it ought to be, which was my first fear, on arriving at this gig. This was quickly allayed in the hour between doors opening and the first band hitting the stage. The hour also served to give the audience time to achieve a suitable party mood with help from the bar.

First band up were Cornish Metal trio Kernuyck. Chris and brothers James and Dave had brought an impressive number of fans with them and by the end of their set had probably gained a few more. Opening with 'Devastation', vocalist James, inspired by the excellent turn out, elevated the level of enthusiasm in the crowd further as the band quickly followed up with 'Cursed', 'Stones', 'Zombie' and my personal favourite by the band, 'Sucker Punch'. Ending with 'Death Time', it was a well filled half hour set that was over too soon.

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The crowd were still full of enthusiasm as 'Grifter' hit the stage shortly after. The south-west heavy rock and roll trio, Phil and Foz fronted by Ollie, introduced their sound as "What Quo would have sounded like if everything had gone wrong for them".

Tantalising the crowd with a new song, 'Young Blood Old Veins', and swiftly following with 'Bucktooth Woman', a Black Sabbath cover, 'Fairies With Boots', which was very popular with the crowd and 'Good Day For Bad News', which was popular with me. Ending with 'Sweat Like Horses', the crowd certainly loved their groove.

Crowd energy and enthusiasm hit the roof as Londoners Ben, Martyn, Joe and Chris, collectively known as Orange Goblin, hit the stage, opening with 'The Filthy And The Few' from their newest album 'Eulogy For The Damned'. A good mix of old and new made up the set for the evening, from the new album; 'The Fog' and 'Acid Trail', during which vocalist Ben managed to acquire a beer from someone at the front.

The older numbers, 'Ballad Of Solomon Eagle', 'Time Travelling Blues' and as a bonus, during 'Some You Win, Some You Lose', to the delight of the crowd, Ben was joined on stage by Ollie from Grifter to assist in the vocal duties.

Further into the set and Ben announced to the audience: "No work tomorrow so let's get hammered", before breaking into 'Getting High On The Bad Times'. Ollie also rejoined Ben on stage to refuel Ben's alcohol levels with a bottle of whiskey "under doctor's orders" during final number 'Blue Snow'.

The band returned for an encore of 'Quincy The Pigboy' and two more new tracks, 'Death Of Aquarius' and 'Red Tide Rising', with Ben taunting the crowd that he may stage dive, the fun and insanity reached its zenith.

What was interesting was the broad spectrum of fans drawn by these three bands and not just the usual Metalheads. This was a good evening all round, I enjoyed it and judging by the happy faces around me so did everyone else.



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