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'Desired Mystic Pride'
(Inverse Records)

jools green

Jools Green


'Desired Mystic Pride' is the third full length, following 'Ancient Rites' in 2003 and 2006s 'The Creatures Of Loviatar' from, dark Metal quintet Mirzadeh, from Alajärvi, Finland.

Soundwise they play mid tempo blackened Metal with melodic and symphonic arrangements coming from the guitars and keyboards, giving an almost Gothic edge to the sound at times. They also incorporate some folk based elements into the tracks that work well, I am not usually too keen on folk Metal but this is subtly applied and therefore gets my vote.

The vocals from Mirox are excellent and range from a deep growl to vitriolic screaming. There are additional cleans from Tommi Salmela (Tarot, Moukka) but these have an almost tortuous edge to them which makes them far more interesting than ordinary clean vocals. All the musicianship across the release is good with some excellent drum work that is both powerful and varied.

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The lyrics deal with the ancient Finnish world and its people, drawing a picture of the beliefs and fears that they had in their everyday lives, not all of which were peaceful, giving a dark twist to the content.

The album opens with 'Secrets' which develops a beautiful melancholic edge despite the mid tempo pace. 'The Forger Of Celestial Sphere' has a slower tempo and is very keyboard dominated, as are most of the tracks and is the first to feature the guest cleans of Tommi Salmela.

'Aino', whose title means "the only" is another slower paced heavily keyboard led track with a good mix of deep growling vocals and vitriolic hissing while 'Ukon Vakka' has the strongest folk edge of the tracks but despite it not being "my thing" I actually feel it works well here alongside the harsh vocals and for extra impact the lyrics are in Finnish.

My favourite track of the release is 'Rain Of Blood' for its dark ominous quality and pounding rhythmic edge against the symphonic, spaced with poignant lighter segments and very effective drum work.

'The Washed Yards' features more cleans that really contrast well against the deep growls, one of the lighter tracks of the release. 'Demented Visions Of Madness' is another track that impacted positively on me, a faster tempo and more intense despite the high keyboard profile with a powerful vocal mix between the deep growls and vitriolic hissing.

Finnish lyrics return with the up tempo 'Myrkkymieli' which means "poison the mind". I like the use of the native tongue for some of the tracks, it sits positively in the overall impact, a language that is made for Metal.

Another great track, the atmospheric, symphonic 'Lost', has some superb extended vocal screams. I also liked 'The Plains Of Time', it's melancholic paced, with a spoken opener, the speed and intensity gathering as it progresses, featuring more guest cleans from Tommi and good tempo and direction changes across the span of the track.

Final track 'Rise With Norther Witchcraft' has a great balance of harsh vocals and symphonics and intense chugging rhythms.

The more I listen to 'Desired Mystic Pride' the more I like it. It's an easy listen and should appeal to anyone who likes blackened symphonic Metal.

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