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'Soul Recall'
(FDA Rekotz)

jools green

Jools Green


Their press release said: "Welcome to the filthy side of death metal", a fairly apt description of 'Soul Recall', the debut full length from Berkeley, CA, USA quartet Rude who describe what they play as: "Death metal risen from the ashes of the golden days" and sound-wise if you think along the lines of early Pestilence, Autopsy, Morbid Angel and Death you won't be far wrong. There are influences from all these and more, subtly tucked into the folds of their sound.

There is a lot that I like about this release; there are loads of great riffs and screaming, thrashy solos, resulting in a end to end sound that is catchy brutal and crushing, you also are confronted by superbly insane drum work from Antonio Lopez that adds a lot to the overall sound. The guy is a machine behind that drum kit, so much so that the drum work is by far my favourite aspect; it's just jaw dropping.

The vocals from Yusef Wallace are rawest and most tortuous vocals I have heard for ages, not unlike Martin Van Drunen in his early Pestilence days. Superb - I love them.

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The best track of the release for me is 'In Thy Name'. It has a superb haunting repeat riff, it's a perfect length, great drumming, as with all the tracks, and the overall phrasing is great; a punchy little number.

I also enjoyed 'Haunted' which after an extended and pummelling intro the vocals kick in. It has a catchy repeat riff and takes an interesting tempo and direction change midway, culminating in some superb guitar work and also 'Forsaker', an intense number with superb riffing and crazy solo towards the close.

There was only one minor down side and that was a couple of the tracks were just too long for the style, as opposed to the "get in, get job done and get out" approach of 'In Thy Name' where they pitched it perfectly, but this was only on the seven minute long 'Memorial' which has a superb opener and a dark build that develops into wild crescendos of drum work which is superb across the release but here it is something else. It also has some wonderful catchy repeat riffs, killer midpoint guitars but it's just too long and it lost me at about the five minute mark.

The other track I had a similar issue with was the eight minute, tantalising 'Conjuring Of Fates'. I loved the haunting opener which had me thinking, where will this go next..? Which was to another dark haunting section, taking two minutes s before it began to build and three and a half minutes to get going, but I did like this bit as it was like the calm before the storm but at eight and a half minutes long it was a bit too much despite more killer drumming. I has lost my focus by the time it got to the face ripping bit.

Another point to mention is the superb art work done by none other than the British artist Dan Seagrave, which has to be one of his best and that guy has done a lot for great artwork for countless number of bands including, Benediction, Decrepit Birth, Dismember, Entombed, Morbid Angel, to name a few.

As debut releases go, this is pretty good. There is a lot of raw unfettered talent and potential in Rude waiting to be honed and unleashed and that is an exciting prospect.

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