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jools green

Jools Green

bloodshot dawn

When their self titled release came out in 2012 I was truly blown away by the sheer mastery of it but the follow up, 'Demons', is a jaw dropping progression from that release that has the hair standing on the back of my neck - always a good sign - and clearly I am not alone in my high opinion of 'Bloodshot Dawn' given that the project was funded by fans in a Kickstarter campaign in a mere four days and their confidence is more than justified. This is obvious after the first listen; it's a superb album.

Soundwise it is very much in the same vein as the debut release but every aspect, from the track composition to the musicianship, has been honed, polished and perfected, taking it to the next level, so all the great aspects from the first release, like the superbly brutal vocals and complex technical yet melodic guitar work are still there, but more so.

'Demons' is also features their new drummer Janne Jaloma (Deals Death) and also boasts an impressive list of guest musicians including additional vocals from Sven De Caluwé (Aborted, System Divide) and additional guitars from Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun), Andy James (ex-Sacred Mother Tongue) and Chris Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy).

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The lyrical content covers, as the title suggests, a wide range of demons, from a personal to a broader social scale, covering the bands views on modern society and the struggles within the mind, done positively and 'Bloodshot Dawn' describe it as: "Beating your demons, making something of the time you have on the earth whilst battling the continued struggles and trials that come with being human."

The album spans forty-three minutes and consists of eight tracks of superb melodic extreme Metal and opening with 'Smoke And Mirrors' which gives you the first taste of the superb drum work from Janne which is implemented at an insane yet precise pace throughout, accompanying the opening guitars.

'Consequence Complex' is a more intense and pounding track than the previous but it does give you time to draw breath just after midway with a superb guitar segment. There is a good mix of screams and growls in the latter part also while 'Unified' is the second longest of the release at almost seven minutes, yet it still keeps a pace that is fast and brutal.

bloodshot dawn

The higher vitriolic vocals add an extra element on 'Inadequacy' and the later part guitars are superb. 'Black Hole Infinity' is just so fast and intense for the first half with the melodic aspect moving in from midway. I love how the top brutal layer of 'Human Void' flows over the melody.

'The Image Faded' is the longest track of the release at way over seven minutes and with over fifty percent of the time consumed by some of the most superb guitar solos you are ever likely to hear, sublime ear candy indeed. The album gallops to a close with the final track, 'Demons', a superb track with a strong "Gothenburg" edge, a great end to the album.

It's impossible to choose a favourite track amongst the eight; all are a superb listen, an addictive blend of catchy melodic segments, perfectly executed technical elements, powerful precise drum work and brutal, deep vocals that sear the skin from you face. The whole process end to end is a very Anglo/Scandinavian one, the artwork was created by Swedish artist Par Olofoson (Immolation, Onslaught, Exodus, Pathology, The Faceless) who was responsible for the superb artwork on their debut release, the drums were recorded in Studio Disaster, Sweden by the band, guitars and bass were recorded in Darkside Studio, England by guitarist Benjamin Ellis.

The vocals were recorded at Envy Studio, England by Richard Worrall and Jack Stephens. The album was mixed and mastered by the Danish sound engineer Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Amaranthe, Volbeat, Destruction, Epica and Pestilence).

'Demons' is a superb release, no more no less and anyone who enjoyed their first release is going to be blown away by this, as I was and if you haven't heard them yet, take a listen now. I am pretty sure this is my album of the year; I can't see how anyone can top this.

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