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'Beneath The Cemetery' EP
(Xtreem Music)

jools green

Jools Green


'Beneath The Cemetery', the debut EP from Hungarian death Metal outfit Coffinborn, is a prime example of how classic death Metal should sound, epitomising the very essence of old school death Metal; raw, dirty, distorted riffs, garnished with thrash rich solos, with deep brutish vocal growls that are powerful enough to sear the flesh from your bones.

So it is hardly surprising to find out that the trio consists of Blasphemy from Mӧrbid Carnage on drums and vocals, Churchburner, also from Mӧrbid Carnage, on bass and Disguster from Gravecrusher on guitars and vocals.

Soundwise it's somewhat in the vein of Asphyx, Massacre and Autopsy, encompassing influences from both American and Swedish death Metal along with their own personal slant on the sound and although it's nothing new musically, it is ballsy and superbly executed.

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Less is definitely more as far as this four track, twenty-one minute EP, is concerned. Fully listenable end to end with no strong favourite because there is something hugely appealing in each track.

Beginning with 'Enter The Nightmares Of Horror', which captures you attention immediately, it's exciting, intense and has some superb riffing throughout and although the vocals are not overly comprehendible, they are hugely expressive in their delivery, ending on a superb thrash solo.

'Beneath The Cemetery' has superb chugging repeat riffs to open, great phrasing and drum work, with a pace that gets quicker as the track progresses with more thrashy guitars to the close; an exciting listen.

The longest track at six minutes, 'Putrid Stench Of Death', is not surprisingly slow paced for the greater part, dirty and deliberate with great riffs and powerfully chilling vocals, the pace picking up midway briefly with the arrival of a swift thrash rich solo.

The final track, 'Corpse Collector', has a strong dirty thrash feel to it as it opens but does dive into a doomy pit of despair midway, with some superb latter part thrashy guitar squeals before the return of the faster tempo.

'Beneath The Cemetery' is guaranteed to remind you of all the things you love about old school death Metal; it's a shame it's not longer but it's an absolutely cracking debut EP.

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