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'Storming Heaven'
(self released)

jools green

Jools Green


Fornicus were “birthed in the heart of America's bible belt in early 2013 and conceived to cast darkness over the ignorant masses and their foolish dogmas."

More importantly, in less than two years they have managed to create a black and thrash sound that is both complete and superb, taking the best qualities of black and thrash, with hints of death for a sound that is both vicious and catchy.

'Storming Heaven' is the debut release from the Kentucky quartet, following a two track demo released earlier in the year which contained two of the tracks also featured on this release.

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The opening track, 'We Are Sin', which, following a slightly cheesy intro, blew me away. The satanic chant was taken from the horror film classic Alucarda. I had not expected such a full and well developed sound or such racy, catchy riffs and gut wrenching rasping gutturals of excellent proportions.

The other is a Sepultura cover, 'Antichrist', from their 1990 'Bestial Devastation' EP, but unlike the original, this opens with Father Brennan's poetic speech that everyone remembers from The Omen that begins;

"When the Jews return to Zion
And a comet rips the sky
And the Holy Roman Empire rises,
Then you and I must die..."

You know the one; it makes a perfect start to a superb version of a classic track, brilliantly executed.

As for the rest of the album, it continues in the same vein of brutal excellence. 'Pallium Mali' with its catchy riffs, pounding rhythms and quick direction changes and after an intriguingly discordant start, 'King Of Egoists' builds and builds, peaking with some great thrash guitars midway, a track that keeps you on your toes as the tempo and direction changes are swift and unexpected and guitarist/vocalist Scott pushes his boundaries here with the broad ranging blackened vocals.


'Into Obscurity' opens with blackened intensity, a brief direction change to a dirty groove, the first of many surprises and direction changes on this six and a half minute track that has a superb solo in the closing minute.

'Storming Heaven' opens on classic styled, showy thrash guitars before taking on an intense blackened edge. The longest track of the release at almost seven minutes, the final track 'The Beckoning' is a final full on aural assault of huge proportions and a great album closer, it makes you want to listen all over again.

The superbly graphic album artwork is courtesy of Gragoth at Luciferium War Graphics.

I can't resist a good bit of black n' thrash and 'Storming Heaven' is exactly that; it's a superb listen that I enjoyed immensely and will continue to do so. From my perspective Fornicus don't put a foot wrong with this release. Available from

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