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'Jezebel' EP
(Elitbolaget Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Finnish quartet Trident were formed in 2005 and produced a five track demo, 'Chained To Routines', in 2008 and a single, 'Inner Stigma' in 2009, then shortly after disappeared. Five years on they have re emerged, with a new guitarist and the resulting EP, 'Jezebel' is nothing short of superb.

Sound wise it's punky, ballsy and has a great old school Swedish Metal/hardcore punch to the sound. I could hear influences of Hatebreed, a lot of Entombed, and maybe a touch of Converge in the mix. At times you even get a bit of a groove happening.

The vocals are mostly a strong, harsh, death Metal style and fully legible, you also get some spoken elements and when the lyrics are, as they are here, really interesting, that you want to exactly know what's going on. The vocals are my favourite aspect of the release, even though every other aspect is also superb, the overall sound being very rich and full and the levels of musicianship and quality of the composition very high indeed.

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The EP is a three track offering, only spanning a modest eleven minutes, but this is a quality over quantity release. The story behind 'Jezebel' is, in the bands words: "A sinister story in a world where Twin Peaks events have taken place. A young woman is missing and the law enforcement is running out of time to rescue her from her abductor. Everything is not as it seems in this world entwined with the supernatural."

Opening with 'She Walked Through The Darkness' you are greeted with intense drumming and savage classic death Metal riffing, balanced against hardcore chants, d-beats as well as more complex drum patterns and great closing guitars.

'The Dove And The Fire', which will also feature on the 'Uprising 2' compilation album by the Elitbolaget label, switches sweetly from death groove to punk riffing, the vocals accompanied by hardcore chants. 'Time Was Never On Our Side' a strong death doom rhythm to open ramping up to full throttle as the vocals kick in, there is a lovely heavy groove with the added bonus are some original and inventive riffing.

The guitars were recorded by Marko Kankainen, everything else engineered by Teemu Aalto at Studio Korkeakoski, mixed by Anders Bomberg and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering. The album artwork is by Jani Rap.

Listening to the quality of this three track release I hope Trident stick around for a full length album. 'Jezebel' is a superb marriage between hardcore and Metal, a mix of the dark and the dirty. I love it.

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