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'Revealed In Profane Splendour'
(Kaotoxin Records)

jools green

Jools Green


'Revealed In Profane Splendour' is the follow up full length to 2013s debut EP, 'Ascension to the Throne Ov Self' from UK blackened death Metal quartet Sidious.

The quartet, which features members of Eye Of Solitude, have seen a couple of line-up changes for this release, the addition of new drummer Krhudd (sole member of Colosus, aka the multi talented Daniel Neagoe of Eye Of Solitude) and guitarist Isfeth has taken over vocal duties after the departure of vocalist Tom "Void" Allen.

'Revealed In Profane Splendour' is a seven track release spanning thirty six minutes, sound wise you get a strong epic influence, in the vein of Behemoth with a symphonic edge that is thickly applied, very much as you would find on the earlier works of Dimmu Borgir alongside which 'Sidious' have also added enough of their own influences to make the overall sound their own, in the shape of subtle elements of Eye Of Solitude.

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I have no strong favourite amongst the tracks but love the vocals throughout, they are not always easily discernible, but their overall effect makes up for that, emanating as a gut wrenchingly deep roar of impressive proportions accompanied with vitriolic, evil hissing screams, add to that the abundance of thick riffs and pounding drum work and it paints an overall picture of dark horror.

The opening drum build followed by waves of keyboards as 'Sacrilegious Majesty' gives a real feeling of anticipation as to what might follow and as the vocals kick in you are not left disappointed in the slightest and the next track 'Inexorable Revelation' continues in the same manner. 'Revealed In Profane Splendour' has a more haunting approach as it opens, a slower paced to start, with the pace picking up considerably as it progresses.


'Annihilation Ov Abhorrent Credence' and 'Obscenity Ov Old' have some great cleans and that's quite a statement from me as it's well known I am not big a fan of cleans generally, but these have a sufficiently unnerving edge to their sound that makes them appeal to me.

On 'Infernal Reign', a subtle opener builds in speed intensity reaching its zenith with superbly effective militaristic drum blasts. I love the overall structure of the final track, 'O Paragon, Bringer Ov Light', the dark plodding rhythms and the way the riffs weave around the drum work, which is excellent on this track.

'Revealed In Profane Splendour' was recorded, mixed and mastered at Parlour Studios by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) Artwork comes courtesy of Giannis Nakos of Remedy Arts. I think it's a good release, it's well composed and executed and a great listen which is the important thing.

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